How To Cancel An Already Sent Message In Gmail?

Gmail Google Mail, is a messenger like any other, at first glance. But, it has features never used before.

How To Cancel An Already Sent Message In Gmail?
How To Cancel An Already Sent Message In Gmail?

How To Cancel An Already Sent Message In Gmail?

The Google Mail is one of the most used messaging today, many addresses email personal or even professional are created on Gmail . Like all e-mail, the main function of e-mail is e-mail communication. Nevertheless, the couriers can have several utilities.

On Gmail, the “Undo” function is also available on the mobile app

You may not know it but if you use Gmail on your computer, the “Undo” function has been available for some time now. It allows you to cancel an email sent to the wrong person. Now you can also correct your errors sending on the smartphone. To be able to use the “Undo” function and therefore cancel a message already sent, you must be reactive.

Indeed, you will have only thirty seconds for your action to be effective, beyond that your email will be sent permanently. Since Google messaging is available on Android and iOS, the feature will also be available on both operating systems.

To cancel messages sent to Gmail you must first enable the “Undo” feature. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • Sign in to your Gmail account or create an account
  • Click on the “Settings” button located at the top right of your screen (the wheel just below the notification bell)
  • Then, once you are in the “settings” , stay on the “general” tab
  • Look for the “cancel sending” line by scrolling the page and choose your “cancellation –period” : 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec or 30 sec
  • Save the changes at the very bottom of your page.
  • Gmail: you can cancel an already sent message
  • Gmail settings

Finally, if you have correctly completed all the steps, when you send an email by mistake you just have to go to your inbox and delete it. You have a delay of 30 seconds otherwise your shipment can not be canceled.

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