How To Change The Appearance Of Windows 10 File Explorer

Do you want to change the appearance of Windows 10 Agan’s file explorer? If you are bored with the default Windows file explorer display, you can change it with the help of an application called ” UWP Files “.

How To Change The Appearance Of Windows 10 File Explorer
How To Change The Appearance Of Windows 10 File Explorer

Change The Appearance Of Windows 10 File Explorer

Files UWP is a Universal Windows Platform application for Windows 10 that helps manage files and folders with a very simple and handsome interface. There is a left side bar for Location and Drive and another interface shows files and folders and options for managing them.

One interesting feature is the interface that has a tab. That means you can open multiple tabs in this File Explorer interface and then open various folders, drives, etc., on that tab.

The original File Explorer Windows 10 itself is fantastic and very useful. Many applications are available for managing files and folders. However, when you need a simplified file manager with a neat interface, then this Windows 10 File Explorer alternative can be a good choice to try.

How to Use UWP Files on Windows 10

The installation process is somewhat different. You need:

The link to download the UWP file, you can download the UWP file from here . You can download the x86 or x64 version of this application to match your PC. After downloading, extract the file in the folder.

  • Run ” FilesUwp.Package_ … ..cer “, which is a security certification file.
  • Run the file ” FilesUwp.Package_ … ..appx” which is the installer file for this application.
  • Right-click on the ” Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 ” file and open it with PowerShell and execute.

After you do everything, launch it.

Unlike the default Windows File Explorer, here there is no ribbon menu. On the left side, you will see:

Locations: to switch to Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Videos, Music, etc.
Drives: to access C, D, and other drives.

Access the location or drive, then select a file or folder. At the top, you can see basic options such as cut, copy, rename, delete, add items, etc., for the selected item.

You can also right-click on an item to use that option. To open a new tab, you can use the “+” button and then open the drive or folder on that tab. That is all.

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