How To Chat Secretly on Facebook Messenger

Just like the WhatsApp application, Facebook is also one application that is widely used by the general public. Starting from domestic to overseas.

How To Chat Secretly on Facebook Messenger
How To Chat Secretly on Facebook Messenger

Usually, people send messages through the Messenger feature on Facebook. But do you know that there is a Secret Conversation feature on that feature? Facebook Messenger helps you if you want to send messages with someone, without being noticed by others.

How to use Secret Conversation via Facebook Messenger

To start the Secret Conversation on Android, the first step is to activate the Secret Conversation feature on the smartphone.

Open the Facebook Messenger application, then click profile and activate Secret Conversation.

Klin Icon of Exclamation Sign

If so, go to Chat and click the icon button in the form of an exclamation mark on the top right. Then, choose the word Secret or Go to Secret Conversation.

Next, select the person you want to chat with. The advantage of this feature is that you can set the time to delete messages.

So, just click the alarm clock icon, and select the desired time. Choose from 10, 30, up to 1 minute.

For iPhone

Set the Secret Conversation on the iPhone, has the exact same way as Android.

Please note, this conversation can only be done in the Messenger application. Available on iOS and Android, so it won’t appear on Facebook or chat.

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