Through the brand new Control Center offered by iOS 11 , the user can not completely disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They will be momentarily disabled and will be functional in the background.

Contrary to what many users have thought at first, it is not a bug but rather a novelty that offers us Apple iOS 11. You will understand: there is another way to disable totally Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iOS 11.

Totally disable WiFi and Bluetooth on iOS 11

We remind you: do not go through the Control Center to do it. To disable them completely, you must follow these steps:

Step 1
Go to Settings.

2nd step
Go to the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth section.

Step 3
Then completely disable WiFi and / or Bluetooth.

Now there are three modes for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iOS 11: active mode (left), temporarily disabled mode (middle) and fully disabled mode (right).


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