How to create an effective product page in online stores

In order to increase the number of orders placed in an online store, it is very important that the product pages are built as efficiently as possible, both visually and in terms of optimization for search engines.

How to create an effective product page in online stores
How to create an effective product page in online stores

How to create an effective product page in online stores

Visual optimization of product pages

Product pages are users’ direct contact with the product to be purchased, so they must contain both relevant product details and well-placed “Call-to-Action” buttons to help users add as much as possible the product in the shopping cart.

Often, product pages are those that appear in search results, and are the target of paid advertisements that traders purchase on paid advertising networks, specialized websites, profitshare systems, etc .; so the look of these pages is very important in determining customer retention and possibly completing orders in online stores.

Product Description – Product Key

According to the studies, the interest shown by users for product information is very high, and when the product details are missing from the page, the users choose to leave the page and the online store more often.

It is recommended that each product has two descriptions. A brief description that appears visibly when loading the page and a detailed description that can be accessed by the user in a dedicated area on the product page.

Most e-commerce platforms are featured with options to add two descriptions, but online store owners need to make sure that they accurately complete this information with exact and detailed data. As far as possible, it is recommended that the descriptions be unique or at least slightly altered from the descriptions provided by the manufacturer as the manufacturer’s description will most likely be on the websites of the competing stores.

It is also very important that the description is written in the user’s language (if the manufacturer does not provide the description in this language then it is useful to translate and not use the original description).

Importance of images on the product page

Images are very important on the product page. They must be displayed at the top of the page, visible, of good quality and preferably resized and compressed to make loading of the page more difficult.

If the product manufacturer does not provide professional-quality imagery to merchants, then it is good for online store owners to invest in product photography and image processing that can be used in the store.

Recently, watching movies with different products has become very popular. They can be uploaded either directly to the online store or they can appear on dedicated YouTube video channels.

Product price and discounts

The clear display of the product price in very visible areas of the product page is a winning strategy because the “hiding” of the price in areas where customers can not see it will often cause the customers to lose their page surfing and buying from that website.

A good strategy to attract attention to the price is to display and give discounts or to offer complementary products as a “gift”, most customers will be receptive to these marketing strategies.

Call-to-Action or how we help customers buy products

As a general rule, the buttons indicating actions for the user must be visibly positioned and have clear and relevant texts: “Add to cart,” “My cart”, “Compare”, “Buy”, etc.

Visually, the important buttons must be large enough (to be used on any device) and have contrasting colors with the rest of the colors on the product page, so they will be easy to identify by users.

Reviews are a key factor in customer conviction

A Dedicated Review and Customer Reviews section is absolutely necessary on any product page.

The benefits of such a section are multiple:

  • customers can read opinions that they consider valuable from other people who have purchased or own the product
  • Product owners interact actively with the store by leaving a comment or review
  • unique SEO content is created from the SEO point of view

Live Chat or a written discussion with a shop consultant is an increasingly useful tool on any website not only in online stores.

The main advantage of adding live chat to the website is that much of the visitor who did not find or did not have time to look into the information they need will interact with the live chat operator. In the absence of the chat option, these users would not have used channels such as contact by email or telephone, but would simply have left the page.

However, it is important that the chat provider is available at least between hours of work. In some types of sites, ChatBots can also be used.

Payment and delivery of crucial elements in customer conversion

Absolutely all customers will look in the product page for information on how they ship, their cost and duration, as well as how shopping can be paid.

If you offer short delivery times or free shipping for the product, it is advisable to do this by strategically positioning information on these benefits.

With regard to payment methods , it’s helpful to have information on the payment methods on the product page that will be available later in the checkout process.

Increase sales and social media tools

Practices such as Cross-Sale and Up-Sale are commonly used in product pages of online stores. Often alternative or complementary products described on the page are placed either in the side of the page or at the bottom of the page and often generate increased sales.

If users have come to the product page directly from a search, then the presentation of other products marketed by the online store is a very effective way of directing them to more expensive, better products or products that can be used with the product which the user wants to purchase.

Shop activity on social networking sites should complement the actions taken on the website and increase users’ confidence in the website they want to shop for.

Every store wants to attract new social media visitors, but in order to do this, it is necessary to increase the tracking  base and to have the opportunity to send the products viewed to friends who might be interested in them. So placing the “Follow”, “Like” and “Share” buttons on the product page is very important.

Be aware, however, that these are support tools that do not need to be more visible than the main buttons of the page (“Add to cart,” “Buy, etc.”).

Learn from market leaders

In most cases, the product page finishing should be based on the cumulative information determined by the user’s social and behavioral profile, the experience gained from interactions and customer contact, or the navigation data in the product pages.

Managing and interpreting all this information are costly procedures both financially and in terms of time, and many traders are not in a position to be able to invest in the sector.

That’s why an industry that is often used by online store owners is to draw inspiration from direct competition and especially from market leaders who have the resources to acquire data and improve the experience of using the product page for maximize conversion rates and increase sales.

You can analyze major corporations (Amazon, AliBaba, or EBay), but do not ignore the competitors in your niche or high-market e-commerce websites in your country of sales ( user profile is often influenced by the geographical area).


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