Owners of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running on iOS 11 or later can receive iMessage containing Animojis . On the other hand, to create them, you need an iPhone X.

Do you have an iPhone X? Still do not know how to create, save and share Animojis? The AppSystem team explains all this!

How to create an Animoji

Let’s start with the creation of an Animoji. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1
Open the Messages app on your iPhone X.

2nd step
Tap the App Store icon next to the text insertion field.

Step 3
Find the Animoji app by sliding to the list of apps. Once done, tap on it. The Animoji app’s icon is designated by a monkey.

Step 4
The App Store has 12 Animojis: monkey, robot, cat, puppy, alien, poop, pig, panda, rabbit, chicken and unicorn. Tap the Animoji you want to use.

Step 5
Press the save button to start recording your Animoji. You have to stare and put your face straight in front of the iPhone X. The recording can only last 10 seconds, no more.

Step 6
Stop recording by pressing the record button again. Afterwards, you can switch from one Animoji to another; your voice and the movements of your face will be synchronized with the new Animoji chosen. You can also see a preview of your Animoji by pressing the “Replay” button, and erase it by tapping the trash.

Step 7
Send your newly created Animoji by pressing the blue arrow.

How to save an Animoji
Once sent or received, you can save the Animoji in your film. Here’s the procedure to follow :

Step 1
Launch the Messages app on your iPhone.

2nd step
Navigate to the conversation that contains the Animoji you want to back up.

Step 3
Tap and hold the Animoji, then tap Save in the window that will appear. You can use 3D Touch by pressing hard on the Animoji, drag up and tap Save .

Step 4
And here it is! Your Animoji is well recorded in your photo film.

How to share an Animoji
To share the Animoji that you have just created, the only way that exists at the moment is to go through the Messages application.

Step 1
Open the Messages application.

2nd step
Go to the conversation that contains the Animoji you want to share.

Step 3
Type the Animoji you want to share so you can read it in full screen.

Step 4
Then press the Share button and choose the application and the person to whom you want to transfer your Animoji.


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