How To Create Subfolders In IOS 8

Keeping your home screen organized can sometimes be a difficult task. The file system offers a relatively simple and convenient ranking level. For storage Monk’s who are looking for a deeper level of order, a hidden bug in iOS 8 lets you place subfolders in folders.

Create Subfolders in iOS 8
How To Create Subfolders in iOS 8

How To Create Subfolders in iOS 8

This can be useful if you want to subclass your applications in folders and this manipulation is totally reversible.

For now, this manipulation is compatible on all iOS 8 devices namely iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, and 5c. If you want to do a small home screen cleaning follow the video tutorial or the steps below:

Step 1: Create a folder with all the applications you want to nest in another folder.

Step 2: Create a second folder using two apps on the Home screen and (at about the same time) quickly move the folder from the above step to the new folder.

Step 3: Enjoy.

This is a very simple process and may be extremely useful for hiding sub-categorized applications in folders. If you want to reverse the process, all you need to do is drag the nested folders back to the home screen.

If you have created a large number of nested folders, you can always go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Home screen, which will put your home in an original configuration without of course without removing any data from your device.

Let’s hope this Bug / Tip can help you, but there is no guarantee that Apple will not deploy a patch in a future iOS update.

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