Want to make your own version of the map? Now, you can make it according to your wishes. How to? Simply use the Google Maps application and follow a number of steps.

How to Create Your Own Maps in Google Maps
How to Create Your Own Maps in Google Maps

This instruction can allow you to add markers or location markers manually.

This method has advantages for users because it is easy to use and free, but there are limitations to the use of markers and features available in the application.

Following are the steps that you can follow to make a map on Google Maps .

1. Open the Google Maps app .

2. Click the Menu icon in the form of three vertical lines in the upper left corner.

3. Lalu, klik opsi “Your Places”

The next step

4. Next, click Maps Tab

5. If so, continue by clicking Create Map Button

6. Once on the map creation page, click the marker icon or location marker.

7. Find the place on the map that you want to add the marker to, then click.


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