How To Delete All Offline Videos From YouTube Application On Android And IPhone

How to delete all offline videos from YouTube application on Android and iPhone are tips that I will discuss in this article. YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world, and among the most popular websites around the world.

In 2014, YouTube launched a feature that allows users to download videos to watch on their mobile devices.

How To Delete All Videos Offline From YouTube Application On Android And IPhone
How To Delete All Offline Videos From YouTube Application On Android And IPhone

Many YouTube videos can be downloaded now but only work on smartphones – the YouTube app for Android devices and iPhones and iPads, and videos can’t be downloaded on the desktop. You have up to 30 days to watch the downloaded YouTube video – after that the video will remain in your Downloads section, but cannot be watched and will not be deleted unless we delete it ourselves.

Downloading YouTube videos on mobile not only helps us when the internet connection is not stable but also if we are traveling in an area that has no internet at all or in flight.

And although data rates have dropped dramatically since the feature was launched, we don’t always get the best internet speed for streaming content on YouTube.

However, saving videos in high resolution or just downloading too many YouTube videos can use up all storage on your cellphone.

Fortunately, you can delete YouTube videos that are downloaded at any time, either individually or simultaneously. Although the method of deleting one video is quite simple, not everyone knows how to delete all YouTube offline videos.

How to delete all offline videos from youtube application on Android and iPhone

  1. Open the YouTube app and tap your profile in the upper right corner
  2. Now continue and tap Settings. On Android > open the Downloads section > while on iPhone and iPad, you need to scroll down to the Offline
  3. Here, just tap Delete Downloads to delete any offline videos on your device at once.

That’s all you need to do to delete all YouTube videos downloaded from your device. But if you want to save a few videos and just delete some, there are ways to do that too.

How to delete YouTube offline videos one by one

  1. Tap the Library tab in the lower right corner then open the Downloads tab under Available Offline. You will see the entire list of videos stored offline.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots next to the video you want to delete, then select Remove from Download and delete videos one by one.

So that’s the process of deleting offline YouTube videos stored on your mobile. Hope it is useful and thanks for visiting.

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