With the official arrival of the Apple iOS 8 update yesterday, the Messages application has seen many new features make their appearance and especially for users of grouped messages that see their storage spaces quickly saturated.

Indeed, multiple conversations integrating photos or any other attachment significantly reduce the storage capacity of your iPhone and that’s why Apple has addressed this problem in iOS 8 by adding a parameter “Message History”.
Users can customize the message retention time with three options: 30 days, 1 year and Indefinitely.

Once the expiry date is reached, a message warns the user that the messages that have been selected will be deleted “permanently deleting all text messages and attachments from your device”.

The option is in settings> messages> keep messages.

iOS 8 also allows users to leave a conversation that will no longer suit them with the “Quit this conversation” function by tapping option at the top right of the screen in the discussion (and then at the bottom of the page).
All this news features come in addition to features already mentioned such as the rapid sharing of audio, video, images and of course text conversation.


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