How to disable Windows Auto Update 10

Unlike its predecessor, the Windows 10 menu for setting up automatic updates cannot be found easily. In addition, auto update windows will be activated automatically.
How to disable Windows Auto Update 10
How to disable Windows Auto Update 10

This function is actually very useful, especially for the security of the computer you are using, by regularly updating you indirectly increasing the security of windows that you use.

But on the other hand, this feature will be especially burdensome for smart friends who have limited internet quota. Of course you want to determine for yourself when is the right time to update windows, for example when connected with wifi.

Next I will show you how to disable Windows 10 auto update so you can update according to the time you want. But remember, if you use unlimited internet you should keep this feature active.    

Please watch the following video or read the tutorial directly.

Disable Windows Auto Update

  1. Open Run, you can type in the menu or directly press the Windows key + R.
  2. Type gpedit.msc
  3. In the dropdown menu on the left, open the menu in the following order
    Computer conviguration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update
  4. In the right hand column select Configure Automatic Updates
    Windows 10 auto update settings menu
  5. Check Enable, then select menu number 2 Notify for download and auto install. This menu functions to change the auto update to a manual update. Next Windows will only inform you if an update is available, you can choose whether to update it at that time or postpone it later.
    Windows 10 auto update settings
  6. Click OK. If the user account control is active, a confirmation message might appear. You only need to allow changes.

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