How To Edit And Delete A Payment Method On Apple Pay

Apple Pay, available since the beginning of the week in the United States, is very easy to configure as its use and digging a little in the menus, it is quite possible to customize and take full control of the system.

How To Edit And Delete A Payment Method On Apple Pay
How To Edit And Delete A Payment Method On Apple Pay

Share the default choice of the credit card during the transaction, or delete it via iCloud.

How To Edit And Delete A Payment Method On Apple Pay

Overseas users with Apple Pay can access the Apple Pay menu through the Passbook app or iOS settings. From there they can view the various scanned maps or add new ones. Apple offers different “Default Transaction” settings including the default credit card used, in which case the first card scanned is selected, but users can change the order and choose another card.

It is also possible to select a replacement card when paying at a kiosk or other store depending on your budget. This occasional replacement will not change your default credit card.

Users can also change their billing address, delivery address, email or phone for online purchases via Apple Pay. All of this information can be entered by the user when authorized by Touch ID.

Despite increased security such as the Touch ID or the fact that registered credit cards are listed with only their last four digits, but also a large amount of personal information stored in Passbook, Apple has added a specific security feature via iCloud.

Indeed, once connected to , users can access the settings and see all active devices like the quick view of all credit cards associated with Apple Pay, or the icon “Delete all cards” .

This alternative gives users peace of mind in the event of loss or theft of their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and this will immediately inform the respective banks associated with the cards. Of course to a lesser extent, it is also possible to put your smartphone in “Lost” mode via “Locate my iPhone”, which suspends the Apple Pay service.

While this service will not see the day on the old continent before 2015 (normally), the most impatient of you, can already use this service provided you are in possession of a US credit card

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