How To Enable Tour Mode In Maps Under IOS 8

Enable Tour Mode in Maps: A few days ago, we talked about an iOS 8 feature that lets you visit major landmarks and other places in a city with the Maps app. The function was hidden and seemed to be accessible only via a few manipulations.

How To Enable "Tour" Mode in Maps Under iOS 8
Enable Tour Mode in Maps

How To Enable Tour Mode in Maps Under iOS 8

In fact, it’s pretty simple, you just had to think about it. Apple did not demonstrate during the keynote, forcing users to find the mechanism. Here it is.

To activate “Visit”, simply open the Maps application under iOS 8, click on the letter “i” at the bottom right and choose the “Mixed” view.

Once this view is activated, zoom in on some cities (including Paris), their names will be yellow. Click on it and choose “Visit”.

Plans will then launch a tour of the city without the user having anything to do. He can enjoy the guided tour.

In addition to iOS 8, this feature is available on OS X Yosemite, the next operating system for Mac.

For the moment, only a few cities have access to this function. They must first have the Flyover view (3D view).

In France, we can mention Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux and Lyon. We find New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Glasgow, Barcelona or Rome abroad. We imagine that Apple will gradually add more cities over time.

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