How to find expired domains

Sometimes it happens that good websites were not renewed and therefore just deleted. It can be a unique opportunity to get a strong domain or find the right domain name.

How to find expired domains
There are many techniques to find expired domains, and some of the smartest ones we will come across here.
We will only look at how to find a well-expired domain.

Websites with lists of expired domains

There are various websites that list expired domains.
Often, however, it is not here that you find the big gold grains, Danish simply because there are too many eyes that look with. A lot of people check here daily, so you need to be quick if you need to find something good. Many of these sites also pay well for these domains.

On this page you can find a list of expired Danish domains, which are updated daily to midnight, which you can register at no extra charge.
Trick to find expired domains in all niches

However, if there are certain types of websites you are looking for, it will be really hard to find them on a list like the one above. Because it is a bag of really good mixed sweets.

Finding gold domains that no one else has found is also more fun and challenging.
Here you can take advantage of another technique, which is to find a strong resource within the subject you want a website domain.

1. Find a good and big old site within the industry, or just a website with lots of outbound links.

2. Enter the URL in a tool that checks for dead outbound links. The best part is Xeny Link Sleuth – pretty ugly layout, but don’t be fooled – it’s super good – and can also check a list of sites! However, only for Windows. runs directly in the browser and is also free but rather slow and bad. The Prof. Screamingfrog tool is also good, but costs $ 99.
3. Take the list of dead links and note it in the notepad so that there is one domain per line.

4. Use Unoeuro’s tool , which can check large lists of domains at once.
Click on ” Advanced Search ” to check long lists, and click ” show only vacant ” to see only domain names that are available in the result.

5. Now you will have a list of available domains that have at least one link, namely from the page where you started in point 1.
TIP: Select a strong website in point 1 that you would like a link from.

Why use an expired domain?

One of the benefits may be that the domain already has some age and seniority.
A 10-year-old domain may, in some cases, be easier to find in Google than a domain name registered yesterday. As in the real world, age means something, and Google therefore (sometimes) concludes that an old domain has more weight and authority, giving better visibility in search results.

In addition, there can be a lot of old reviews and links to this domain that can make it more attractive to use.
You have to be a little careful though, and do not take anyone over your toes if you continue the website with something completely new content.

If you can’t find a really good name
We have made a thorough article about a super strong tool for finding new domain names that few people know.

If you are looking for the perfect domain name then you should probably register a new domain. The expired domains rarely have a really strong name that fits 100% with the idea you just sit in the head of his new site.

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