How to Find Out the Hacked WhatsApp Solution

WhatsApp is a popular and private instant messaging application. As we know, that using two WhatsApp numbers on the same device is impossible. Besides on Android, accessing WhatsApp can use a website on a PC or desktop, called WhatsApp Web.

How to Find Out the Hacked WhatsApp and the Solution
How to Find Out the Hacked WhatsApp and the Solution

WhatsApp Web is a powerful feature, which allows users to send or receive messages through any device. The trick just associates a WhatsApp Account with a QR code. This can be a medium for hackers to hack into your WhatsApp.

This article will be notified, whether your WhatsApp account is hacked by someone else or not. And, ways to overcome them.

How to Find Out the Hacked WhatsApp and the Solution

Open Application

First, open the WhatsApp application on the smartphone. Then, click the three vertical points in the upper right corner. Then, click WhatsApp Web and you can check whether there is another device that is accessing the account.

Usually, one or more devices will be displayed on the WhatsApp Web.

If there is another device name, which you have never used to enter a WhatsApp account, then it is correct, your account has been hacked.

This is the solution

There is a solution that can be done to prevent the account from being hacked. You can enable two-step verification. The trick, open the WhatsApp application> Select the menu at the top right> Settings> Account> then activate two steps of verification.

When it’s activated, you will be asked for a security code if someone tries to hack the account.

Without the code, it is impossible for other people to enter WhatsApp on another device.

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