How To Find Your Photos In IOS 8

Find Your Photos in iOS 8: With the arrival of iOS 8,  Many of you have noticed the disappearance of some of their photos and here is a trick to find them easily.

How To Find Your Photos In IOS 8

Steve Jobs, behind iOS’s first-generation iPhone Camera System, created a simple concept: an infinite list of photos stored in one album.

How To Find Your Photos in iOS 8

So far, most of the interactions with photos via iOS were done by Photos, like sharing our vacation snaps with friends or sharing a selfie on Facebook.

Following the update of iOS 8, Photos was made some changes, alarming many users who thought their photos were gone, but do not worry about your selfies or other images are safe and sound.

Photos is organized with two tabs at the bottom of the application grouping all your photos Collections classified by date of capture and by where they were taken which allows to easily find your shots of the past.

Clichés taken recently, present in Collections can be difficult to find especially if you have an abundant library. For this, Apple has created Albums which groups the photos taken in the last 30 days.

Unfortunately, this poses a problem for some third-party applications like Facebook which for example has not been updated with this new model of photo storage and which shows only the album Recent additions grouping as pre-cited the last 30 days activity.

For the moment the only way to share old photos is to create a new album and move the pictures manually or put them in favorites (little heart)

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