How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your Website

SSL certificates are sold by hosting companies for a fee. Recently, many hosting companies provide lifetime ssl service. Lifetime is meant by you until you continue to purchase your hosting service. Is there any need to give them money? No more.

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your Website
How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your Website

Free SSL

For your website, you can get free ssl. Very easy. It is as easy to implement. It’s a few differences and troublesome sides.

  • You will create the SSL Certificate.
  • You will install the SSL Certificate.
  • The SSL certificates you provide are 4096-bit encryption and free SSL 2048-bit encryption.
  • Not for life or long-term, you have to do the same procedure once every 3 months.

Go to Open an account here and provide your website details. It is important that you type the address correctly. You will then arrive at a page like the one below.


free ssl
free ssl

Here you can verify that the site belongs to the site in the way you want. Most guaranteed method Manual… Click here. then you make a few warnings and give “Manual Verify Domain” warning and click. (Note here. When you click the buttons, a new page or tab doesn’t open. The page expands downwards.

After this stage, there are 2 similar files specific to your website for you to download. He wants you to download these. Download them.

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The two have different names. Be careful. Do not make any changes.

Log in to your hosting account. Create a folder in your hosting directory, or public_html, via your hosting account or ftp Check the image below for the folder named .well-known.

Free Hosting

As you can see, it’s in the same place as wordpress files. Open a file called acme-challenge into it. Then discard the 2 files you downloaded into acme-challenge. After the installation process, we return to the page where we will receive certificate.

There are two links under the phrase successful Verify successful upload by visiting the browser. Iki These links point to the path of the files you just uploaded. When you see the code in the file when you click on the installation is complete. After checking both connections, click the İndir Download SSL Certificate ”button at the bottom. There is no need to check the box below it.

This will give you 3 different complex codes.


Private Key


You must enter and save them separately from the ssl setup section of your hosting.

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