For a long time now, having a blog no longer means having a simple hobby, but it means creating an opportunity for work and income . Not to mention that for professionals it is a fundamental requirement to have more visibility on the web.

But many are still undecided and hesitate to jump into the ocean of the web, for fear of the work that this entails and, even more often, for the fear that their work will not produce the hoped for results.

Without a doubt, the initial step is the most difficult one!

And the first months are those in which it is really easy to abandon due to the lack of results …

If you are one of those people who still hesitate to undertake their online project, this article is for you.

Serena Muzzolon, a reader of this blog and founder of the site for freedom to travel , has recently decided to launch a blog, managing to start big.

In fact, he has received more than 1,000 visits in less than 3 weeks since the launch of his blog!

Considering that the beginnings are always difficult, this is an excellent result!

To achieve this he worked “behind the scenes” and followed a launch strategy that proved to work.

And today, he will share with the readers of BlogFacile the plan he has put in place to start so well.

Enjoy the reading…


I haven’t discovered the world of blogging for a long time and I think I’m not an expert.

The first time I decided to create a blog was exactly a year ago and I did it out of pure passion. It was a travel blog like many others, in which I described the journeys I had undertaken over the past year.

At that time, I had no idea how to launch a blog, indeed. I spent hours and hours writing and publishing articles in the vain hope that someone would read me and instead I got very few visits.

Since then I started to follow many bloggers , including, to understand my mistakes and I realized that my blog was not visible at all.

When I launched , I promised myself not to make the same mistake and to look for a way to start big, with a successful launch.

And so it was: in less than a month after the birth of my little creation, I reached more than 1,200 visits .

When I saw it, I jumped for joy and was so happy to see that my blog aroused interest.

Believe me, starting with the right foot gives you the charge you need to move forward and feel rewarded for the sustained efforts!

OK, now you’re wondering … how perfect did you get from being a complete stranger?

Since I am very generous, I decided to share my little secrets with you to launch a blog and immediately gain visibility.

Please, make good use of it 🙂


The number one element for a good start is to have a positive and decisive attitude . You may think it is banal but believe me, you will have to face many difficult moments so either you really believe in what you are doing or, as time goes by, you will slowly abandon your project.

The idea is to create a blog for many years, right?

A blog that allows you to live as you want.

So, be firm, confident, strong and convinced.

Don’t pay attention to all those people who say “you’ll never make it, you’re crazy, stay with your feet on the ground, etc …” and continue on your way.

If you are determined, no one can stop you and demoralize you.

Also, prepare … because creating a blog takes time (unless you are a web designer) and you will probably have to sacrifice evenings with friends and weekends at the seaside to write articles.

With this I don’t want to demoralize you but I want to be honest with you from the beginning. What I will tell you shortly requires time, organization and passion.

Are you ready?


Since nobody in Italy knew me, I had to find a way to tell everyone that the tsunami Serena was coming into the world of blogging.

To do this, I knew I had to put shyness aside and let myself be known before the blog was launched, so that when it was ready, people would already know me.

To get an idea, it’s like an election campaign , when politicians invest their money and energy to convince and spread their projects.

The same works with a blog: you have to dedicate some of your energy and time to do “propaganda” of your project.


1. Arouse interest on social media

When your blog is not online yet , your best allies are social networks .

So, while you work “behind the scenes”, you already create a professional Facebook page and open a Twitter account.

If you use other channels better, but remember that then you will have to “feed” them otherwise they will fall into oblivion.

Once created, start publishing messages that show you are working on a secret project like this.


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