How To Live Streaming On Twitch From PS4 / Xbox One / PC

How to Live Streaming on Twitch from PS4 / Xbox One / PC Twitch is one of the best platforms for streaming live video games online. This is basically owned by Amazon’s subsidiary, Twitch Interactive. Millions of people visit Twitch every month as viewers. Although just watching, you can also be one of Twitch Streamer.

How to Live Streaming on Twitch from PS4 / Xbox One / PC Twitch is one of the best platforms for streaming live video games online.
How To Live Streaming On Twitch From PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Do you want to know how to stream games from your favorite gaming devices to Twitch? In this article, you will be given all the important information needed for beginners to stream on Twitch.

How To Live Streaming On Twitch From PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Before you live streaming on Twitch, First of all you need to check whether your gaming device has default streaming capabilities, if yes, then it’s good. Most consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One have built-in streaming capabilities, unlike PCs or Nintendo switches. For both, you will need decent hardware & streaming software.

In Indonesia Twitch is not as popular as Youtube because Twitch only focuses on the game world. Ok, just follow the live streaming method on Twitch from PS4 / Xbox One / PC.

How to Live Streaming on Twitch from PS4

Streaming using the PS4 is quite easy, the latest PlayStation controller even contains sharing buttons that help you to stream online directly.
In order to be able to stream live on Twitch from PS4, you only need to follow the few easy steps mentioned below:

  • First, start playing games that you want to stream, while playing, you just need to press the share button .
  • Now you have to choose online services (such as youtube games, Twitch, dailymotion), choose Twitch .
  • Now it’s the turn to link your Twitch account with the device.
  • Give a title to the stream then select “Start Broadcasting”, that’s all!

Broadcasting / broadcast will begin. Now you can enjoy streaming on Twitch.

Streaming on PS4 is simpler than other platforms because it doesn’t require any additional software. You can also capture screenshots or record using the share menu provided on the PlayStation. Even you can upload desired videos directly to Youtube. The features provided are quite amazing & very helpful.

How To Live Streaming On Twitch From Xbox One

Using the Xbox One, Streaming is also quite easy and you don’t even need to install any applications separately. You just need to install the Twitch application to your console. You can easily broadcast but first, you need to link your account by following these easy steps:

  • Open the application on the Xbox One Agan console.
  • Now you can see there is a menu on the left side, you just need to click the ” Log in ” button provided.
  • Now open then activate your smartphone or computer.
  • Now enter a 6 digit code to link your account.

After successfully linking your account, you can start with the streaming process. For starting the sharing, click on ” Broadcast ” button . Now you will be given two options, one option is to activate the Kinect video and the other activate audio with your microphone. You can also choose the Kinect video. If you are one of the users. Now you can easily start streaming.

How to Live Streaming on Twitch from PC

From all available options, streaming from a PC requires a slightly longer process. You will also need special streaming software, one of which is OBS Studio.

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is one of the best free tools. This is the best alternative available for you. The SLOBS (OBS version) is now flexible enough to use. The company has provided several interesting changes, such as the new interface, default chat features, pre-designed themes, and more.

OBS & SLOBS both have advantages & disadvantages to each other. You can try both. Now, I will tell you some basic steps that you need to know. All you have to do is, you only need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, download Open Broadcast Software from here and install it. For Windows OS, you need to click on this software and then ” Run As Administrator “. This will automatically give all the permissions needed to capture your game.
  • The next step is, Open Settings and select Streaming and then select Twitch as a service.
  • Now open Twitch in your browser & then click the Dashboard button available in the menu in the upper right corner. Then select Settings and then select ” Stream Key ” (the Stream Key is generally hidden for security purposes)
  • Now, click on ” Show Key ” button . Then you just need to paste the key obtained at the
  • Open Broadcast Software – ” Stream Key “.

That’s all, Now you can stream easily. Just select one game, and you can stream to your heart’s content.

That’s how live streaming on Twitch from PS4 / Xbox One / PC , hopefully this article will be useful for you and thank you for visiting.

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