How To Locate Your AirPods With The IPhone

Locate Your AirPods With The iPhone: Your AirPods take up almost no space and they can quickly be lost if you put them in a corner. Did you find a solution? Do you know how to locate your AirPods?

How to Locate Your AirPods With The iPhone
How to Locate Your AirPods With The iPhone

How to Locate Your AirPods With The iPhone

Locating my iPhone is a feature to find your iPhone. You can know its position, ring it, block it or even delete it remotely. If you have already set up Locating My iPhone, the AirPods and Apple Watch paired with this iPhone are automatically configured.

To find them:

1. Open Locating My iPhone or Locating on;
2. In the list of all your devices, select your AirPods;

However, your AirPods do not have a GPS and have no screen to display information. That’s why you will not be able to locate them in real time. However, you can see the last location where they were connected even if it was not your iPhone.

Just like for the iPhone, you can press the icon of the car that will make you a route to the last position of your headphones.

3. (optional) tap Make ring in Actions.

The ring can be delayed, the time at least one earphone is out of the box, then will become stronger and stronger. You can choose to mute a listener. You can turn off the output on the app or by storing the earphones with the box closed.

If someone is using them, you will get a notification that tells you if you really want to send the sound. It would be a shame if the AirPods sound in someone’s ears!

You can do exactly the same thing on a browser. The position of the AirPods are updated as soon as they connect to an internet device. Each action with Find My iPhone causes you to receive an e-mail to inform you.

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