How To Make A Blur Effect On Photo Background

This article explains How to Make a Blur Effect on Photo or Image Background with the help of an application called Snapseed. With this application, you can give a blurry effect on the background of an image or photo.

How To Make A Blur Effect On Photo Background
How To Make A Blur Effect On Photo Background

Again certainly knows, now portrait mode aka bokeh is one of the most sought after photography tricks. Previously capturing images in portrait mode was only possible through DSLR cameras, now completely different, all thanks to sophisticated smartphone cameras. Yes, smartphones now come with special portrait modes that can automatically blur the background of the image.

But if your cellphone doesn’t have a special portrait mode, don’t worry, in this article, everything will share tips that can hopefully help you all.

Photo editing tools like Snapseed come with many features and filters. And as expected, one of the Snapseed devices allows you to achieve almost perfect bokeh. All you need is a little patience. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start.

How to Make a Blur Effect on Photo Background

Step 1: Before we start, let’s brush the photo a little. You can use one of the usual filters or use the Tune Image tool to adjust saturation and contrast in the image.

When finished, tap finish to save the current edit.

Step 2: For landscape photos where there is a lot of background, cutting the image helps bring the subject in focus.

To do this, tap on Tools and select Crop. Adjust the limits according to your wishes. When finished, save the current settings.

Step 3: Next, drag it to the top of the Tools window, and choose Lens Blur. Tap the shape icon and select the shape. You can choose to use a liner effect or a circular blur effect. For my photos, I chose the oval/circle effect.

Adjust the outline according to the shape of your subject. Pinch on the image, to add to the area. Keep in mind to keep the circle line as close as possible to the subject.

Step 4: Unlike other photo editors, Snapseed comes with a transition effect (second line), which is responsible for providing a soft transition blur while moving away from the subject.

To decrease the transition area, swipe up the photo to open the submenu. Select Transition and drag to the left.

Step 5: Now, after the transition is set, it’s time to change the blur strength. Do you want a strong blur? If yes, swipe up on the photo and select Blur Strength. Then drag the slider to the right.

Similarly, you can choose a little touch of the Vignette effect on the edges of the photo. But if you want the edge to remain in its original color, drag the Vignette slider to zero. And that is enough.

Now, all you need to do is save the current edit and then export the photo to your cellphone gallery.

Although the method above is quite easy, it has one major disadvantage. You can’t adjust the blur according to the shape of the subject. For example, if you see the picture above, you will find that the area between your hair and shoulders is not blurry.

For some photos, this gap can be easily ignored. But for close-up portraits, this gap looks like a half-baked effort. So the tips for this time may be useful and don’t forget to share it.

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