How to make backups on iOS mobile

If we have an Apple phone and we will configure the backup copies of it, copies that as we consider one of the basic elements of the security of our mobile, the first question that we must answer is: use iCloud or preferable the iTunes program for PC?

How to make backups on iOS mobile
How to make backups on iOS mobile

How to make backups on iOS mobile

Although there is not a single answer to this question and sometimes it is advisable to use both options at the same time, the ease of configuration of copies in iCloud, the total automation of the copy process and the ubiquity of the system that allows you to do without A desktop computer makes this type of copy the recommended solution for most users.

Sometimes we may need to complement the iCloud solution with a copy through the iTunes desktop program. This option is unavoidable to keep synchronized content that is on the mobile device through iTunes, but not from purchases in the iTunes Store.

It would also be necessary to do so if the volume of photographs on the mobile exceeds the storage capacity of iCloud and we do not want to expand it by acquiring more space.

In this article we will focus on how to make backup copies on iOS mobile phones, on smartphones or Apple tablets, through iCloud and in a next article we will approach the process of copying using iTunes.

Before explaining what iCloud is and how it is used, note that in “cloud” storage services the files that we store on our computers are stored in a set of servers that you will access through the Internet.

In our teams the custody of these files is our responsibility, but in the cloud this responsibility is assigned to the company that provides us the service according to the conditions of use established in each case.

What is iCloud?

In the same way that Microsoft has OpenDrive, Google of its Drive system, or find independent cloud storage systems like Dropbox,  iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage system.

It is a service recently implemented by Apple that allows users to have a storage space for all types of content, whether photos, music, calendars or contacts. When we sign up for the service we have 5 GB of free space that we can use to make automatic backups, although it should be noted that the contents purchased from Apple through its stores are stored without subtracting a fee from this free space.

If we need to expand this space Apple offers a series of annual space purchase plans that currently range from € 16 per year for 10 GB, to € 80 per year for 50 GB. You can find this information in the information of the iCloud account.

How to register in iCloud?

When you purchase an Apple mobile or tablet you can sign up for iCloud by following the instructions in the configuration wizard. So at the same moment, you activate your device you can configure iCloud. If it is not configured we must access Settings> iCloud to complete the process.

You can find information about iCloud and the registration process on the Apple website.

How to activate the backup in iCloud?

The backup in iCloud is simple and automatic, so it is the recommended way for all those who want to make reliable copies in the cloud.

To activate it, go to ” Settings> iCloud> Storage and copy ” and activate ” Copy in iCloud “. At this moment we can perform the backup by clicking “Back up now”.

If we are not connected to a Wifi this option will not be active, since backups are only made if we have a connection to a wireless network.

The choice of the elements to be copied must be made in the option ” Settings> iCloud> Storage and copy ” at this point in addition to the activation of the copy we find the use of storage space, indicating both total storage (remember that 5 GB they are free) like the one available. On this screen click on ” Manage storage ” and once on this screen on the icon of our iPhone.

Backup options

In the Information screen, we have the date of the most recent copy, as well as its size. In the lower part, it shows us the available space.

Also on this screen, we find the copy options where application to application shows us whether or not your backup is activated. Clicking on the option ” Show all applications ” will show all the applications that we have installed and their “weight” in our backup.

In case of having space problems, it is best to deactivate the option to copy the images contained in Carrete and opt for another type of backup for our photographs.

In future articles, we will discuss the different backup options of photographs, either through external hard drives or cloud services.

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