How To Open 2 Applications Directly In Split Screen Mode On Android

This article discusses how to open 2 applications directly in split screen mode. Split screen mode was first introduced on Android Nougat in 2016. The main motive behind split-screen mode is to improve multitasking on Android.

How To Open 2 Applications Directly In Split Screen Mode On Android
How To Open 2 Applications Directly In Split Screen Mode On Android

But since it was launched, separate screen modes on Android have not changed much. It takes a few seconds to open two applications in split-screen mode.

How to Open 2 Applications directly in Split Screen Mode

To open the application in split-screen, first, you have to open each application one by one and then you can choose the split-screen mode option. And, with the introduction of gestural navigation, it has become more complicated. But, if you use a separate screen, this is the solution for you.

Split Screen Launcher is a free open source Android application that allows you to create the Split Screen application shortcut to easily launch 2 selected applications in split mode.

It adds a shortcut to the home screen so you can quickly launch your favorite application in a split-screen with one tap. Let’s see how Split Screen Launcher works.

The Split Screen Launcher application is available on the Play Store or you can download [ from here ]. Install this application to your cellphone to create a Split Screen shortcut.

When you open this application, you are greeted with an introductory page with a button to create a shortcut.

The ” Create Shutter ” button opens a menu where you can select the application you want to open at Split Screen. Just select the top application and the bottom application for Split Screen.

Not all applications support a separate screen, so make sure the application you choose supports a separate screen.

After you select the application, it shows the application icon for the shortcut along with the option to name the shortcut. This also gives you a button to exchange top and bottom applications.

After all is done, click the Save button to create a shortcut and it will be automatically added to the home screen.

After creating the Split Screen application shortcut, you can quickly launch the related application in separate screen mode. Similarly, you can create as many separate screen applications as you want and add shortcuts to the home screen.

In short: Split Screen Launcher is a small application that is useful for making application launchers on a separate screen easy on Android. By creating a Split Screen shortcut, Agan no longer has to go through complex processes and is relatively long to launch a separate screen. You can quickly open the selected application in separate screen mode.

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