How To Overcome Errors A Required Device Is Not Connected Or Cannot Be Accessed On Windows 10

In this tutorial, I will discuss how to overcome the error “A required device is not connected or cannot be accessed” in Windows 10 with the code 0xc0000185, 0xc0000225, 0xc0000001, 0xc00000f and 0xc000000e on Windows 10 computers. If you are currently facing this, I hope this post will help you to correct this error.

All of these error codes show the same thing, namely the Agan computer needs to be repaired. Some of this error code is related to the file ” winload.efi”which means you are using an UEFI system. This file also contains important drivers to start the Windows Kernel.

And if you get a comment from one of these error codes indicating that there is a hardware failure or that the driver configuration is wrong, then you have to physically check whether the cable is properly connected or not.

How To Overcome Errors A Required Device Is Not Connected Or Cannot Be Accessed On Windows 10
How To Overcome Errors A Required Device Is Not Connected Or Cannot Be Accessed On Windows 10

How To Overcome Errors A Required Device Is Not Connected Or Cannot Be Accessed On Windows 10

This type of error occurs mostly when your computer cannot find the system files needed to boot your computer. Thus, the only way to fix this problem is to repair the boot record. It is recommended that you use the “/ RebuildBCD” option to rebuild the BCD file. To do this, follow the steps below:

You can start by booting your Windows 10 computer from the installation media.
After that, click Repair your computer and on the blue screen, select Troubleshoot, then select Advanced options menu.

From there, select Command Prompt and after you open it, enter each command given below in sequence.

bootrec / FixMbr
bootrec / FixBoot
bootrec / ScanOS
bootrec / RebuildBcd

After you have finished running the command given above, type “exit” to close the Prompt command window and then restart your computer and see if the above steps fix the error code 0xc000014c.

On the other hand, if rebuilding a BCD file using the / RebuildBCD option does not help, you can try other ways since booting from the start. You can do this by following the steps given below which will export and delete / back up the BCD that is in the system.

Open Advanced Recovery Mode

From there, open the Command Prompt and run the command given below and make sure to enter it one by one.

bcdedit / export C: \ BCD_Backup
boot cd
attrib bcd -s -h -r

ren c: \ boot \ bcd bcd.old
bootrec / RebuildBcd

If it still doesn’t help, try running the following instructions.

Option 1 – Disable Secure Boot in the BIOS

Disabling Secure Boot in BIOS settings is definitely recommended to resolve errors. To disable Secure Boot, this is what you have to do:

First, boot your computer to Windows 10.

Next, open Settings> Windows Update . From there, check if there is something you have to download and install if you see available updates. Usually, OEMs send and update a list of hardware, drivers, and operating systems for your computer.

After that, open your computer’s BIOS. Then go to Settings> Update & Security> Advanced Startup options . If you click Restart Now, it will restart your computer and give you all the advanced options.

Next, choose Troubleshoot> Advanced Options . As you can see further options like System Restore, Startup repair, Return to previous versions, Command Prompt, System Image Recovery and UEFI Firmware Settings.

Select UEFI Firmware Settings which will bring you to BIOS.

From there, open Security> Boot> Authentication tab where you will see Secure Boot. Note that each OEM has its own way of implementing options so that they vary.

Now set option Secure Boot to Disabled and set Legacy Support to On or Enabled .

Save changes made and exited. After that, your computer will reboot.

Option 2 – Run System File Checker

You can also run the System File Checker or SFC scanning. All you have to do is choose Command Prompt from Advanced Options. After you open the Command Prompt, type the command ” sfc / scannow ” and tap Enter to run it.

Option 3 – Disable Initial Launch Anti-Malware Protection

You must restart your computer on the Start Menu first while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. After that, Your computer will get restart your computer to Startup Settings.

Now make sure that the 8th option is labeled as ” Disable early launch anti-malware protection”Then tap the F8 button because the above options are listed in number 8. This will launch and load Windows on your PC with Anti-malware protection. Initially disabled for that session only when you try to do the same task and then check whether the error is related with the Winload.efi file now repaired

Option 4 – Run Automatic Startup Repair

In this option, you need to boot your computer into Advanced Startup Options and from there, run Automatic Startup Repair and then wait for the process to finish.

Option 5 – Try to reset BIOS or UEFI Settings

If updating the BIOS does not help in correcting errors, you can try to reset the BIOS instead.

  • Start your computer and tap the F10 key during the boot process to enter the BIOS. If it doesn’t work, you can try tapping the F1 or F2 keys and the Del key.
  • After you are in the BIOS, tap the F9 key to get the confirmation RestoreLoad default configuration now in the BIOS.
  • Next, click Yes and then follow the instructions on the next screen that appear to set the BIOS back to the default settings.
  • After you have finished restoring the default BIOS settings, restart your computer and check that it can now boot correctly.

Option 6 – Try to physically check the hardware

You also have to check the physical status of the hardware on your computer. You can clean the dust from hardware components such as computer network cards. Use a small blower or you can also use a soft cloth to clean computer components. Make sure you don’t damage any parts that are moist or harm any circuit when you clean.

That is so tutorial on how to resolve errors “A required device is not connected or cannot be accessed” in Windows 10 . Hopefully this post is useful for you and thank you for visiting.

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