How To Overcome The Windows 10 Update Feature Does Not Appear

Overcome The Windows 10 Update Feature Does Not Appear: Microsoft regularly releases updates to new features for the Windows 10 operating system. This feature update is very large and installs the latest version of Windows 10 on your computer.

This update is very important and brings many new features, improvements and enhancements to Windows 10. You have to update OS Again to update this new feature if available / valid.

How To Overcome The Windows 10 Update Feature Does Not Appear
How To Overcome The Windows 10 Update Feature Does Not Appear

But some users have reported that they cannot get new feature updates on their Windows 10 computers. Every time a user checks for new updates using ” Start Menu -> Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates “, it always shows ” Your device is up to date ” and no latest updates are available for download or installation .

If you also face this problem and Windows 10 new update features don’t appear on your computer, this tutorial might help you install the update.

There may be several reasons behind the unavailability of Windows 10 feature updates, including:

REASON 1: If a feature update is released only a few hours or a few days ago, it might take some time to appear in all regions. So if it doesn’t appear in your location, wait a few hours or a day or two and it will be available to you.

REASON 2: Microsoft has explained on the official FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) that feature updates will not appear on Windows 10 computers if it has been less than 31 days since you updated to Windows 10. In other words, if you have just updated your computer Windows 7/8 / 8.1 to Windows 10 and less than 31 days have passed, you will not be able to get updated features from Windows Update.

This has been done for security purposes and as a precaution because when you update to Windows 10, it automatically backs up the previous OS image on your hard disk that remains stored on your hard disk for 31 days so you can restore it to the previous OS if you don’t like Windows 10.

By not allowing installation of feature updates in Windows 10 that are less than 31 days old, Microsoft is actually trying to help users return to the previous version of Windows if they want. Because if they allow feature updates, it will automatically delete the backup file and you will never be able to return to the previous OS.

Do not worry! After 31 days have passed, PC Agan will automatically download updates for new features.

REASON 3: Microsoft has also mentioned on the FAQ page that if you have activated the “Defer upgrades” option in the Windows Update settings, it will also prevent feature updates from appearing on your computer. So if that happens, just turn off this option on the Windows Update Options page.

How to Overcome the Windows 10 Update Feature Does Not Appear

The best solution is to wait a while and feature updates will be available on your computer automatically. But if you don’t want to wait and want to immediately download and install feature updates on your Windows 10 computer, see the following solutions:

SOLUTION 1: If you enable the ” Defer upgrades ” option in the Windows Update settings, disable it first.

1. Open the Settings / Settings application from the Start Menu. Or, you can press the WIN + I button to open Settings directly.
2. Now open the ” Update & security -> Windows Update ” section .
3. Now click the ” Advanced options ” link .

4. Now uncheck the ” Defer upgrades ” option and check for new updates and feature updates will appear on your computer.

SOLUTION 2: If you have just updated to Windows 10 and 31 days have not passed and you immediately want to install a new feature update, you can restore the previous version of Windows and then update again to Windows 10. Now it will be upgraded to the updated version of Windows 10 immediately the new one.

SOLUTION 3: If you don’t want to return to the previous OS, you can also try running the Disk Cleanup tool and deleting the ” Previous Windows Installation ” file .

After deleting the file, run Windows Update again and it will start downloading feature updates on your computer.

SOLUTION 4: You can also directly update existing versions of Windows to the latest version of Windows 10 using ISO files. Just run the setup.exe file in Windows 10 setup and select the upgrade option.

So How to Overcome the Windows 10 Update Feature Does Not Appear. Hopefully this article is useful for you and thank you for visiting.

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