How to Overcome Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10. | Have you ever gotten an ” Your Windows License Will Expire Soon ” error message on your Windows 10 computer? This can indeed be an annoying problem – especially if you have purchased a genuine copy of Windows.

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How To Overcome Your Windows License Will Expire Soon On Windows 10

Microsoft itself has stated that if you have a genuine Windows version on one of the previous versions like Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 without problems. But you might find a situation where you find this error message “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10”.

How do you overcome this problem if you experience it? For this reason, I will share how to deal with “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10”. One of the main reasons that can cause this error is that your system detects Windows 10 as a standalone installation rather than seeing it as an upgrade. You have a trial period or trial for three months.

For Activating and updating the Windows System may not be an easy task. You need to go through several steps and problems in overcoming the problem. Of course, you can run Windows 10 without even activating and doing most tasks without difficulty. However, there are several features that require activation for the right functionality. It is important to choose activation if you really want to make the most of Windows 10.

The Cause of the Emergence of Your Windows License Error Will Soon

Well, there are a number of reasons that can cause problems with the Windows installation. The main problems include:

Error messages appear repeatedly – This can be a big problem because you will find pop ups appearing occasionally. This error message will appear every time you open the program.
Windows Activated, but You get a message The license will soon expire messages – This is the most common problem that you encounter. You might get this error repeatedly.
Problems with certain devices – Popup errors can affect the system caused by several devices that may be due to incompatibility with manufacturer’s software or other similar problems.

How to Overcome Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10

You can use a number of options to solve this problem and try to fix it. Because this problem can affect you for various reasons, you need to work through different solutions. Check which repairs help you deal with errors that appear in your case.

Method 1 – Use the Prompt Command Option

Improvements are actually a solution and an attempt to overcome this problem by resetting the trial time offered by Microsoft to activate Windows. The solution is using a slmgr to solve the problem.

In fact, SLMGR is a multi-sided utility that helps you work on various tasks related to your Agan license. You can use it to delete your Agan product key or see other information about licenses and activations.

Launch Command Prompt from your START menu, you can also launch it by typing CMD in the search bar and selecting it from the search results.
Select Run As Administrator .

Type the command below in the Command Prompt.

slmgr -rearm

You will receive the message as below after you have finished the above command that the command has been executed.

Now reboot your computer so that the changes take effect.

The above steps should be able to eliminate this error message, but if another time this error message appears again, you must retype the product key. How do you do this? First follow the steps above to reboot the PC, After you reboot the computer, open Settings and then to the Activation panel. You can access this through Settings -> Update and Security -> Activation .

Click on the Change Product key button . Make sure you have prepared the product key.

Enter your product key license in the space provided.

Make sure again that you have typed correctly the product key exactly as it appears in your license document.

Windows Again is now activated.

Method 2 – Use the Windows License Management Service

This involves stopping your Windows License Management Service System to resolve the problem and returning Windows Agan to Enabled status.
Follow the steps here below:

Type service.msc in the search and select Application Services from the search results.

Next, you have to disable the two services so that they don’t run, namely Windows License Management Service and Windows Update . This will ensure that you will not see Expired License Pop-ups.

Select the Windows License Management Service service between the services that are running. Deactivate the service as shown below. You have to stop the service first and then deactivate it.

Repeat the steps above in the Windows Update service too.

Please note that this solution can only function as a solution. You may need to analyze the right mistakes so you can solve the problem correctly.

These are a few steps that should help you to overcome the activation problems that you might face with the installation of Windows 10.


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