How To Protect Passwords With Firefox Password Manager

Firefox Password Manager is a feature provided by Firefox, useful for managing security settings. No need to worry about being hacked, because there are already features of Firefox.

How To Protect Passwords with Firefox Password Manager

This feature is provided to secure user data, such as email addresses and passwords. Here are ways to use password management to remember, delete, and protect passwords.

How To Protect Passwords with Firefox Password Manager

Firefox Helps Remember Emails and Passwords

Usually, you are required to write an email and password to open a particular website. At the same time, Firefox will ask for confirmation, whether you want to save it or not.

If you allow it, then click Save. If not, just click the cross at the left for the question. Or click Don’t Save.

There are advantages when you save it, which is when opening the web in Firefox, you no longer need to write an email and password.

When you type in the wrong email and password, just type the correct email address and password on the website, and Firefox will ask to save it. Then, click Update.

View and delete passwords

To view and delete passwords, you just need to click the Menu button to open the panel.

Then, click Login and Password, then the web will appear with your saved login list. Then, find the login or scroll you want to change.

If you want to change your username, just click 2x and write a new name. The Delete All option is used to delete all your saved logins.

Protecting Password

Using the same password for all accounts will be more vulnerable to identity theft.

Even though the Password Manager stores usernames and passwords on the hard drive, there is still an opportunity for someone to access our account.

Use Main Password to protect it. This will protect the password, even if your computer is lost.

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