How To Protect The Copyright Of Content On WordPress

If you found out that someone copied your content, how would you react? Protect the copyright of content on WordPress by following our advice.

How to Protect The Copyright of Content On WordPress
How to Protect The Copyright of Content On WordPress

Have you ever thought about protecting the copyright of content on WordPress? It is not difficult to do this and could put your work safe from ill-intentioned people.

The simplest system using these “content thieves” is definitely copy-paste. They find interesting content and in a moment … bam! They select everything and paste in their website. Here is a new article ready to be published and shared.

It is important to protect your content as soon as possible! Before Google realizes that your content has been duplicated, and that you really understand that yours is the original one, it will take a while. So in the meantime, they will make themselves beautiful with YOUR job, and even without your knowledge!

On the other hand, even if they themselves were to incur a penalty for duplicate content, they could still continue to share the shamelessly copied text pretending to be real authors.

How to protect the copyright of content on WordPress

So if you’re wondering how to protect your content on WordPress, here’s a quick and practical solution. It is very useful and very simple to configure the plugin.

Its purpose is to disable the selection and copy functionality from the browser, so that anyone who visits your page can neither select, nor copy, nor drag images to paste them into a folder.

Let’s see how it works.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

The plugin I want to introduce you is called WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.

The protection of your content is guaranteed by a system that combines JavaScript and CSS, so your copyright is absolutely safe.

Here you will activate the protection of posts, homepage and static pages (as you can see, by default everything is already activated) and you can customize the error message.

In the Premium Right-Click Protection tab, even if you do not have a Premium account, you can still disable the right-click on posts, homepage, and pages.

If a site has copied the content from you

If you are using this tool because you have already fallen into the trap and someone has copied your content, you will immediately have to save a proof of the crime, for example by making screenshots of the copied pages contact the site administrator to request immediate removal of the content, and, if necessary, also send a report to Google.

There are two versions of the plugin, a free and pro. The free version allows:

Protect your content from selection and copying;-

Block copying of images;
Prevent clicking with the right mouse button;

Lock the quick keys like CTRL + A (select all command) or CTRL + C (copy command).
If a user tries to copy your content or right-click, he will see an error message.

With the Pro version you can also use more advanced features:

  • Show warning messages if someone tries to copy your content;
  • Exclude some pages from the protection;
  • Exclude users with the role of Administrator from protection;
  • Add a watermark to your images …
  • The configuration is extremely simple, since everything is already set up by default. Let’s take a look at the settings screen.

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