How To Protect Yourself From Hacking Your Passwords

Protect Yourself From Hacking Your Passwords: Did you know that it was possible to hack your passwords with the warmth of your fingers? That’s what came to light in a study by researchers at the University of California. We explain to you.

how to protect passwords from hackers
how to protect passwords from hackers

How To Protect Yourself From Hacking Your Passwords

Typing words password on his computer is an act very common, yet very dangerous. Can you conceive that it is possible to find the characters used using the heat released by your fingers on the keys? The experiment conducted by scientists using a thermal camera, however, demonstrates this sad truth.

Find passwords thanks to the heat released by the fingers

The process is actually very simple. When he types his password, the user creates a contact between his fingers and the keys on his keyboard. Logic. At this moment, the heat present on the fingers of the user is diffused on the keys of the keyboard. It is therefore possible to find those that have been used with a thermal camera highlighting the keys requested during entry.

The condition: the user must leave the computer after entering his password

Although the technique is very simple to implement, the conditions under which it may be are not often met. Indeed, to be able to exploit the heat diffused on the keys of the keyboard, it is necessary that the user leaves the computer just after having entered his password.

Hacking passwords with a thermal camera is therefore not very common. However, it is best to remain suspicious given the large number of hacks that are taking place right now.

How to protect yourself when using a public computer?

When using a public computer, it is easy to be dispelled or little looking as to the security of his password. However, the respect of some rules greatly reduces the risks of piracy. The first of these could be to not use a password known to all.

Enter your password as discreetly as possible

First, make sure you enter your password as quietly as possible, especially when there are other people around you. Indeed, no one is ever safe from a malicious look.

Broadcast the heat of the keyboard once the seizure is complete

In addition, to avoid any attempt to pirate using a thermal camera, it is best to slide his fingers on the keyboard after entering the password to spread the heat released by them.

These tips may help you avoid many inconveniences when using public computers, especially when you need to enter a password. Mistrust and protection are always the watchwords in terms of computers to avoid piracy of their data.

Thus you can Protect Yourself From Hacking Your Passwords. If you feel any questions, comment us in the comment box.

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