How to Put A Free Chat Tool On Your Blog?

Free Chat Tool: If you have a blog and you notice that the volume of visits has been increasing progressively, integrate a chat module can be a very useful element.

This way you can maintain direct communication with your visitors, avoiding that your mail tray is saturated with messages that you could respond quickly through a chat window.

How to put a free chat tool on your blog?
How to put a free chat tool on your blog?

How to put a free chat tool on your blog?

Know what are the best plugins to put a free chat on your blog with which you will favor your traffic and capture potential customers in the event that you offer a product or service.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat can be purchased for free or through a Premium license so that you can integrate it into your blog, giving you the possibility to maintain direct contact with your visitors in real time by answering their questions and suggestions.

Download Pure Chat


  • Stores all interactions previously performed with the user.
  • It allows you to schedule a chat attention schedule in order to let your users know when you are available to attend them.
  • The incorporation to the blog is very simple requiring only one line of code.


  • In case you receive a message after disconnecting, you will not be notified to the email, having to check the chat in search of the message left after the disconnection.
  • It does not allow to export the conversations to CSV or Excel format.
  • Lack of filters to search for conversations made on a specific date.


This tool will allow you to integrate a chat box in your blog giving you the possibility of holding a maximum of 10 conversations simultaneously although this functionality is available for the Premium version.

Download iFlyChat


  • Function to combat spamming by allowing you to debug your conversations from malicious comments.
  • The load of the chat will not affect the consumption of resources of the server where you have hosted your website.
  • SSL standard for chat protection and avoid any attack coming from malicious sources.


  • Not appropriate for sites with high traffic volume
  • Faults in the free version related to settings in the appearance of the chat window that are not accepted.
  • It does not allow the creation of chat rooms derived from the main window.


It is a plugin developed to be implemented on websites designed with WordPress, either free of charge, facilitating simultaneous interaction with 5 users or acquiring the Premium version with a limit of 1000 users.

Download ChatWee


  • Allows you to generate a history of the conversations made with a user through the private chat function.
  • Supports sending of multimedia content such as video, image, GIFs, documents and even links.
  • You can make a decision to allow the type of users that can participate in the chat (anonymous or from social networks).


  • Does not generate notification when someone enters or leaves the chat conversation.
  • It does not allow to configure a maximum number of allowed users in a chat room which can generate saturation.
  • You may have delays in loading the chat at the moment of starting.

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