How To Record The Desktop Or Iaptop Screen In Windows 10

Although what is left over is tools to take screenshots in Windows , when we want to record a video of this, that is, a screencast, the options are less, but that does not mean they do not exist.

How to record the desktop or laptop screen in Windows 10
How to record the desktop or laptop screen in Windows 10

How to record the desktop or laptop screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 recently added a new screenshot tool, but unlike what they did with macOS Mojave, this does not also serve to record the screen. However, there are excellent free and easy to use tools to make screencasts in Windows 10 and we will tell you about one of the best and how to use it.

Record your screen using Monosnap

This is my favorite tool to make screenshots in both Windows and macOS, but best of all is that apart from being good and free, it also lets you record the screen in Windows 10 in MP4 format .

  • Download Monosnap and install the program following the instructions. Once this is done, an application icon will appear in the notification area in the taskbar and you will also have a small square below and to the right of the desktop.
  • You can use either of the two to start a recording. and you can always hide the table on the desktop by clicking on the “-” button if it bothers you.
  • All you have to do is select ” Record video “. This will show a transparent window that you can move or resize at will to record your entire screen or just one section.
  • When you have chosen the size and position, start recording by clicking on the “Rec” button. If you want to record yourself from your webcam in a corner, click on the icon in the form of a human silhouette.
  • You can also record audio at the same time to make a full screencast. The recording can be paused and reopened in another section at any time. Or you can simply end the recording by clicking on “Stop”.
  • Once your recording is ready, the program will ask you to save it in a folder in MP4 format. If you’re interested in converting that video into a GIF , my simplest recommendation is that you simply upload it to Giphy.

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