How To Recover Deleted Old Chat On WhatsApp

Recover Deleted Old Chat on WhatsApp: Everyone usually sends messages through the WhatsApp application. Starting from private messages to groups. Sometimes, we accidentally delete important chat sent by other people.

How To Recover Deleted Old Chat on WhatsApp
How To Recover Deleted Old Chat on WhatsApp

The incident could have hampered some work in the future. If you experience this, there is no need to worry, because WhatsApp has provided a feature to save your old chat.

How To Recover Deleted Old Chat on WhatsApp

This application seems to understand what is needed by the user, so it will be more comfortable when using the WhatsApp application. The WhatsApp messages you have are automatically saved to the phone’s memory every day.

However, everything depends on the application settings on the smartphone. You can also periodically back up WhatsApp chat to Google Drive.

Suggest a Chat

If you don’t want to lose chat when uninstalling WhatsApp on a smartphone, make sure you have backed up all chats manually.

To back up the chat you only need to open the WhatsApp application> then click the Menu Button>.

Next, click the three vertical marker located in the upper right corner, then click Settings> Chat> Backup Chat> last step is click Backup.

Explore Chat feature

You can also export a copy of the chat history ( old chat deleted) private or group, using the Export chat feature. Here’s how:

First, open the chat of the individual or group you want to move.

Then, click the vertical triple point button in the upper right corner.

Next, click Other. Then, click Export chat and choose whether you want to attach media or not.

For the record, if you choose to Attach Media, the file will be sent and added as an attachment to the email. However, only 10,000 messages can be sent.

Unlike without media, which can send up to 40,000 messages. This is affected due to limitations in the size of the e-mail.

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