The tip of the day will surely interest a lot of users. It is possible to make disappear the integrated applications by default in iOS. Everyone does not use them and they are often in a folder created for the occasion.

To make them disappear, you will have to overlay one application on the other to create a folder. Just hold down on one of them to make everyone shake. We then slide on one another. Once the file is created, just put all the applications that you do not want in it with the same process.

Then comes the second part. As seen in the video above, you have to drag an application onto the third page of the folder. While keeping your finger pressed on the screen, you have to click on the Home button of the iPhone or iPad. At this point, the application will completely disappear. The operation can be performed several times in a row.

The applications are not deleted, they just disappeared. How to find them? By going through Spotlight or restarting his device.

It is possible that this feature is proposed by default in the future in iOS.


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