How To Save WhatsApp Status Of Friends Without Screenshot

Save WhatsApp Status: WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application that everyone may have, including you. This application provides many features, one of them is Stories with WhatsApp status that you can use easily to share information with friends and family.

How to Save WhatsApp Status of Friends Without Screenshot
How to Save WhatsApp Status of Friends Without Screenshot

How to Save WhatsApp Status of Friends Without Screenshot

When you see an interesting WhatsApp friend status, you will immediately save it by screenshot. But there are actually other, simpler ways besides screenshots.

Third-Party Applications

You must first have WhatsApp and Server Status applications first. Once the application is on the smartphone, open WhatsApp and the status you want to save.

Then open the Status Serve app. There is a selection of pictures and videos, then click the picture if you want to save the image and click the video if you want to save the video.

The status will be in the Status-Server application and click download to download it on your smartphone.

Via File Explore

In addition, you can save WhatsApp status via File Explorer. If you don’t have File Explorer, you have to download it on the Google Play Store.

After that, open the File Explorer application. In the right corner, there are three vertical points and click Settings. In the settings, enable ‘show hidden options’.

If so, open the WhatsApp folder in your internal memory.

Make it easier to save status

After that, click media then status, then you can see all the statuses that you have seen before. Simply move or copy the status you want to save.

Downloading the Status-Server application can help you make it easier to save the status you want. However, the File Explore option is better because there is no need to install applications and save smartphone memory.

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