How To Select All To Delete Emails On IPhone

Delete Emails On iPhone: For those who have experienced iOS 9, you probably remember a handy feature in Mail: select everything. In click, you could all the messages of an e-mail box or a folder to do what you want (mark as read, move in a folder whose trash …).

How To Select All To Delete Emails On IPhone

How To Select All To Delete Emails On iPhone

This handy feature is gone with iOS 10 and even having waited for iOS 12 still has not added this option. This may be missing for some on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

However, with a little manipulation, you can reproduce the ability to select everything to move everything. If you move everything to the trash, this is like deleting your emails.

Method 1: Select 1 to 1 to remove

Before you delete an entire folder, let’s take a look at how to select e-mails one by one. The goal here is not to open an e-mail, delete it and start again for each e-mail. It could be tedious, especially during big housework.
You will not open or delete them one by one, but select them one by one to delete them all at once.
1.1. Open Mail on your iOS device;
1.2. Go to an e-mail box, in a folder (Reception, Drafts, Sent, etc. or a custom folder);
1.3. Press Edit, top right;
1.4. Tap each email you want to select;
1.5. Type Trash, bottom right.

Method 2: Select All to Mark All Read

Any mark as read or mark a flag are the only two options when it is simple, one-click to select all.
2.1. Open Mail on your iOS device;
2.2. Go to the folder of an e-mail box;
2.3. Press Edit, top right;
2.4. Tap Mark all, bottom right;
2.5. Type Mark as read or Mark a flag.

Method 3: Move Everything to the Recycle Bin to Delete All

To move everything in the Recycle Bin, you’ll have to use strategy! It’s not complicated, but it’s not a clearly defined option. You will need 2 fingers.
3.1. Open Mail on your iOS device;
3.2. Go to the folder of an e-mail box;
3.3. Press Edit, top right;
3.4. Tap one (and only one) email to select it;
3.5. Hold pressed Move ;
3.6. Without releasing Move, press the selected e-mail again;
3.7. Let go of everything;
3.8. The folder list appears, touch Trash to delete all e-mails from the folder.

Between steps 3.7 and 3.8, it may take time depending on your device and the number of emails in the folder. It can be instant (or almost).

But if you have a device that is not very recent or that you ask to move more than 30,000 emails, you may believe that your iPhone crashes (the touch does not work anymore). To be certain that this is not a bug, check on the top right that there is the loading icon running.

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