Send Automatic Replies on WhatsApp: It is undeniable that WhatsApp is an application that is widely uploaded by citizens around the world. In fact, at this time WhatsApp has become a medium for doing business.

How To Send Automatic Replies on WhatsApp
How To Send Automatic Replies on WhatsApp, Really Easy!

Sometimes, customers often ask the same and general questions. That will be an obstacle, if the company is lacking manpower in the Customer Service for example. To make it easy for users of this application, then made a feature to send automatic replies to customers. How to?

How To Send Automatic Replies on WhatsApp, Really Easy!

First, a third party application called AutoResponder for WhatsApp is needed on the Google Play Store.

Next, open the application and allow the application to access your smartphone .

Then, activate the “ChatBotLite” service by clicking on / off button. Then, turn on the accessibility service for “ChatBotLite” on the next screen.

The fourth step, set new rules according to your wishes, by going to “RULES”. These rules include:

  • Automatically reply only to contacts, groups or both.
  • Limit the response to the time you want.
  • Only respond to certain contacts.
  • Ignore any contacts for automatic replies.

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