Have you ever logged in to a Google account on a device other than a computer or smartphone, but forgot to log out?

If ever, there may be a worry that haunts you. To overcome this, Google has a setting to issue accounts remotely, without using the same smartphone or computer, when you use to log in to a Google account.

Tthe following is how to log out of a Google account through a website and smartphone.

Removing a Google account through the website , the method is quite simple. First, open a Gmail account through the official page, which is www.mail.google.com.

Then, scroll to the bottom of the Gmail inbox, until you see the small “Account Details” written in the lower right corner of the screen.

After that, click “Details”. There, you can see all the activities carried out by your Google account. To issue a Google account , just click “Sign out of All Web Sessions”, and the Google account was successfully issued.

There is one thing that must be considered, that activating “Sign out of All Web Sessions” means that it will issue accounts from all the web sites that have been visited. So, you have to write an email and password if you want to access it again.

If you have ever lost a smartphone , and require to exit all Google Apps, then do the following steps.

The first step to do is to go to the Google Account settings / Privacy Settings by going to https://myaccount.google.com/?hl=en.

There, you will find a series of activities for your Google account. Click on “Review Devices” to see more detail.

From the various list of activities that appear, look for the device you want to delete from Google Apps, then click the device name and “Remove” to revoke access on the device.


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