How To Strengthen The Security of The iPhone With Dual Authentication

Strengthen The Security of The iPhone: Securing your account is improving overtime at Apple. Two-factor identification is one of five effective ways to make your Mac more secure. To increase the security of your iCloud account, double authentication must be enabled, follow the guide.

How To Strengthen The Security of The iPhone With Dual Authentication
How To Strengthen The Security of The iPhone With Dual Authentication

How To Strengthen The Security of The iPhone With Dual Authentication

Presentation: What is double authentication?

Two-factor identification, also known as double identification or authentication, helps to ensure your identity. This is to verify that it is not someone else who knows your password.

Indeed, even if it is not necessary to do it, a lot of people use the same password everywhere (to a small variation close). This increases the risk of leakage of your password, even if it is not the only factor.

How does it work?

Everything will revolve around your trusted devices. As soon as a new device, browser or application connects with your username and password, your trusted devices receive a notification.

This notification will indicate that “Your Apple ID has been used for a connection to a new device” by locating, more or less precisely, the connection. You can then Authorize the device, a code is provided. You will need to enter this new device.

By accepting it for the first time, the new iOS or macOS device will become a new trusted device. So yes, if you have a lot of Apple devices, when connecting a new one, it can sound everywhere!

When in doubt, do not hesitate to refuse. If it was a legitimate connection, it will be enough to log in again for the request to reappear. If you are sure that it is not you (or a loved one), you must refuse the connection. In this case, it is advisable to change the password.

Trusted devices, what is it?

Trusted devices are your security. It is safe for them that the notification for this receive the validation code will arrive. They can be Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Apple TV and Apple Watch are devices that require the validation code, but can not be trusted devices.

Trusted phone numbers, why?

A trusted number is the basis of dual authentication. Indeed, during a first connection, there is no trusted device. When connecting the very first device, you will need to enter a number to receive the code.

It is advisable to have a second number easily accessible. You can enter a fixed code since the code will be sent to you by SMS or automatic call, as desired.

Validation code

When you enter your Apple credentials on a new device, a code is requested. You will need to enter the one that will appear on your trusted device after allowing access.

Let’s get down to business now: enable dual authentication.

Step 1: Enable Dual Authentication

You can enable two-factor identification on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Being the maximum security level, you will not be able to disable it. If two-step verification is enabled, you will need to disable it and enable dual authentication.

Method 1: on iOS

1.1.1. Open Settings > your Apple ID> Password & Security > Enable Dual Factor Identification .
If your iPhone is on iOS 10.2 or lower, the handling varies slightly: Settings > iCloud > your Apple ID> Password and Security > Enable dual-factor identification.

Once the activation request has been validated, a new screen appears.

1.1.2. Fill in the requested information. Be sure to give your number, the code will be sent to you on this one;

1.1.3. Press Next, the code is then communicated to the number defined by the chosen method (call or SMS);

1.1.4. Enter this code.

Method 2: on macOS

It is also possible to activate it on your Mac if it is at least under OS X El Capitan. Otherwise, 2-step verification will be your best option.

1.2.1. Open System Preferences > iCloud ;

1.2.2. Below your name and photo, or avatar, click Account Details ;

1.2.3. Go to the 3rd Security tab ;

1.2.4. Click Enable Two-Factor Identification.

You now know how to enable dual authentication on your iCloud account to enhance the security of your data. Now let’s see how to manage your devices and trusted numbers.

Step 2: Manage your Apple ID and Demo

From Apple’s ID management site, you can access your account data.

2.1. Open a browser on the Apple ID website;

2.2. Enter your identifiers;

2.3. You are prompted for code while you receive an authorization notification on your trusted devices;

2.4. Click Allow to allow access;

2.5. A code appears, enter it on the site.

You can see all your data. In the Security section, you can see that two – factor identification is enabled. You also see your trust numbers. To make changes, click Edit.

Going down, you will find the part Appliances. These are all devices connected with your ID. By clicking on each of them, you can see information about it as well as the possibility to delete it from the account.

You can find this on your iPhone in Settings > your Apple ID.

Or on your Mac in System Preferences > iCloud > Account Details > Devices.
Enabling dual authentication is an improvement in the security of your data, it is strongly recommended to activate it, especially since its use is not very complicated.

Thus you can Strengthen The Security of The iPhone With Dual Authentication. If you feel any problem, comment us in the  comment box.

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