How to take a Screenshot On Mac To iPhone

From macOS Sierra, Apple devices connected to the same iCloud account have their clipboards in common. This means that you can copy an item to your Mac and paste it to your iPhone. Practice, no? Let’s see how it can apply to take a screenshot on Mac and copy and paste it to an application on your iPhone.

How to take a Screenshot On Mac To iPhone
How to take a Screenshot On Mac To iPhone

How to take a Screenshot On Mac To iPhone


The common paperweight is called the universal clipboard. It is compatible from macOS Sierra and iOS 8 with Continuity technology . Your devices must have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Handoff enabled. Your Mac, iPhone, iPad must be connected with the same iCloud account.

Step 1: Take a screenshot on Mac

Method 1: Use the Screen Capture Tool

The Screen Capture tool gives you several practical options when capturing.

  • Open the Screen Capture tool:
  • Type “Screen Capture” in Spotlight OR
  • Use the Command + Shift + 5 shortcut .
  • Click on “Options”;
  • Select “Clipboard” under the “Save in” section.

Then you just have to define the area to capture and click on “Capture”. Your image will be copied to the clipboard. It works the same way as copying text. You copy it to the clipboard so you can paste it later and elsewhere.

Method 2: Use keyboard shortcuts

There are other shortcuts you may know:

Command + Shift + 3 : Thus, take a screenshot of your full screen
Command + Shift + 4 : take a screenshot of the selected area (your mouse becomes a cross, it is with this new cursor that you will select the desired area).
If you add the Control key , the screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. This will then give Command + Control + Shift + 3 or Command + Control + Shift + 4 .

By default, with Command + Shift + 3 , your image will register on your desktop. We saw that with the screenshot tool it was possible to change the recording location of the capture.

It is this option that will be taken into account, during a screenshot without the tool or without the Control key , to know what to do with the image. If the chosen option is “Desktop”, the capture will be done on the desktop.

Step 2: Paste the screenshot

Once the screenshot on the clipboard, you can paste it where you want on your Mac, but also your other devices since it is a universal clipboard.

Take the example on an iPhone with the Notes application.

  • Type where you want to embed the image;
  • Tap “Paste”;
  • Wait.

Your screenshot of your Mac has been pasted on the Notes application of your iPhone.

With Continuity and Handoff, it is not necessarily necessary to go through the clipboard since your Notes on Mac and iPhone are synchronized. However, this may be convenient for all other applications where you can not have synchronization.

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