How To Tell Investors About The Start Up?

Tell Investors about the Start Up: It’s important for a large number of good ideas to make sure that your idea is remembered among thousands of people and that you just want to work with potential investors, and face-to-face meetings give you more tricks to attract people.

How to tell investors about the start up?
How to tell investors about the start up?

How to tell investors about the start up?

One of the most important of these is the correct presentation, after which all listeners should supposedly fall in love with your team and the idea. There are several important points to be taken into account when submitting the idea.

What problem do you try to solve?  

Describe the problem, explain what roots are, and what are the main causes of the occurrence? One of the main steps for a good project is the correct definition of the problem.

Avoid the words “all of us know” or “well-known”, they can never serve as a serious justification. Talk to facts, use statistical data, or refer to the relevant research results.

By the way, one of the most common mistakes is that when the project begins to work, not from the study of the problem, but from the quest for the “visible solution” of your project.

The solution you offered 

Emphasize the peculiarity of the solution that you have developed, describe how your unique startup and how to solve the problem. As we mentioned in the previous post, have a simple answer to the question “What is your idea?”

Your startup consumer market/users

Who will benefit from your product/service? If you know the requirements of your targeted customers, you will be able to offer something that will satisfy them. 

Your business startup business model

How are you going to make money with your startup? What kind of money do you expect to bring to your project, loans, grants or other types of investment? What are the risks and how they affect your product/service when you expect to have the first income?

Main competitors

When talking about the market, do not forget to mention yours both directly and indirectly. Describe what the competitors’ income sources, their specific features, and their possible development trends. Do not avoid telling about strong opponents.

Marketing and advertising strategies  

If you can not tell the world about your discovery, nobody will ever know about it. Provide details on your startup marketing plan. After all, the investor wants to know how the program to be funded will come to the public.


Submit your team members, highlight their strengths, how many years they have experience in any field, what big companies they’ve worked on, their specialization, and more. People trust and want to work not only with a good idea, but also with trusted people.

And finally, tell them exactly how much money you need to carry out your innovative idea and tell them exactly what the amount you spend on will be spent.

You can also say how much money has already been invested by you (your team) who are interested in your idea or ever have to support you. Provide an estimate of how the requested amount will help your startups succeed and capture greater market share.

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