How To Transfer ICloud Emails To Another Address

Transfer iCloud Emails: If you have a second Gmail email address, for example, other than iCloud, you may be looking to redirect your iCloud emails to your Gmail address.

How To Transfer iCloud Emails To Another Address
How To Transfer iCloud Emails To Another Address

How To Transfer iCloud Emails To Another Address

It can become difficult to juggle with different addresses. What if you group all your messages into one e-mail box? What if your main address received all your iCloud emails, or at least all the ones you think are useful? It’s possible to forward your iCloud emails to your main address in a few simple steps.


For the following manipulations, there are no settings to make on your iOS device. All manipulations will be done in a browser Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Whether you want to forward some or all of your emails, you’ll need to enter the Mail settings on iCloud:

  • Go to;
  • Identify yourself;
  • Open “Mail”;

Click on the gear wheel that represents the settings, bottom left;
Select “Preferences”;
You are ready to pay your e-mails.

Step 1: Forward all your iCloud emails

Let’s start with something more global, forward all e-mails from iCloud to another address:

  • In the “General” tab;
  • Check “Forward my emails to:”
  • Fill in your e-mail address;
  • Validate by clicking on “Done”.

In this example, all e-mails that will receive the iCloud address will be forwarded to [email protected]. To avoid duplicates, you can check the option “Delete forwarded messages”. Thus, once forwarded, the messages will not stay on the address iCloud but only on the Gmail.

You can pause this e-mail transfer at any time. Just uncheck “Forward my e-mails to”. The address will remain registered, you will only have to check the option again.

Step 2: Forward some e-mails

Only certain messages interest you? Let’s use the rules:

  • In the “Rules” tab;
  • Click on “Add Rule”;
  • Set as you want, with as many rules as possible;

At that moment, you will be able to discover the possibilities which are offered to you. You can decide how an e-mail will behave according to its sender, its object or other recipients.

Validate your rule by clicking on “Done”.

Click on “Done” to validate and close the whole thing.
Repeat for each rule you want to create.

You are wrong?

  • Return to the rules you created;
  • Click on the “i” of the rule concerned;
  • Modify it as you wish or delete it.

Now you know how to forward your iCloud emails to another address.

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