If you have iOS 8.4 installed, you can enjoy Apple Music to listen to unlimited music. The first three months are free. After this time, Apple charges the service at 9.99 € / month or 14.99 € / month for a family up to 6 people. When subscribing, Apple asks to subscribe. People who only want to test the service during the three-month trial must follow the steps below to avoid paying.

Open the Music app on iOS 8.4 and click on the icon at the top left. Then click on “Show Apple ID”, then the password of your Apple / iTunes will be asked. Once typed, click on the “Manage” button under Subscription. Then choose Apple Music and disable auto-renewal. Confirm the deactivation and it’s over.

After three months after activating your Apple Music subscription, you will no longer have access to the Apple service. You can always subscribe again when you want it however. Apple Music is no obligation, the user does what he wants.

Note that it is possible to switch from the individual subscription to the family subscription at any time. Again, Apple Music is without commitment.


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