How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube

Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube: When we start the youtube videos, it starts automatically. If we want to turn off the videos autoplay on youtube, read this article carefully.

turn off autoplay youtube channel
How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube

After the videos that follow each other automatically, it is the turn of the homepage to be alive. Since version 14 of the YouTube app, videos shown on the home page are autoplay, without sound.

In the manner of Facebook or Instagram. This novelty does not suit you? Let’s look at the possible settings to disable automatic playback of videos on YouTube.

You may have several reasons to disable the automatic playback of videos. You want to save your iPhone battery or 4G package, or for any other reason.

To disable the automatic playback of videos on the YouTube homepage on iOS, the steps are the same for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad). Here’s how to proceed:

How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube

  • Open your YouTube app
  • On the home page, at the top right, tap your profile photo;
  • Then go to “Settings”;
  • Press “AutoPlay  in the “AutoPlay” section;

Choose if you wish:

  • Leave the automatic reading with “Always On”;
  • Activate it but in “Wi-Fi only” to keep your internet package;
  • or disable it completely with “Off” to preserve your battery.

All you have to do is leave the settings for the change to take effect. We hope this little trick has helped you to turn off autoplay on youtube. You may also know – How To Hack A Snapchat Account With MSPY Hack Software?

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