How To Turn Off Comment In WordPress

WordPress, the world’s most used blog script, has a lot of features. Everyone knows that this blogging system is popular thanks to its customizable capabilities.

How to Turn Off Comment in WordPress

But don’t want to comment on your site? Tired of incoming spam comments? Are you a content producer that shouldn’t be commented?

Then you can turn off comments in the following ways, or even disable the comment function even in the oldest posts. Try the following methods.

Do not comment on your articles from now on

To do so, go to Settings – Discussion. If you select the option to comment new posts in the default article settings section, if you uncheck a comment, the comment is closed. After that, your comments will not be commented. They do not affect previously published articles.

Close comments for all posts

Follow the path of the writings and all are written. Select all and select edit in batch. After you click Apply, you can make settings for all selected texts in the opened section. Select and apply the Don’t allow comment section here.

Remove comments

After the second method, there will be no comments on the old posts, but the existing comments will still appear on your site. All you need to do for this is to remove the comments.

Go to the Comments section and select all and uncheck all of them. This method will remove all site comments. There will be no comments on your site after that.

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