How To Use A Dual SIM With An eSIM On iPhone

eSIM On iPhone: Dual SIM is one of the ideal solutions to separate your personal life from your professional life. This is even more convenient than having to use 2 phones. The eSIM card, as its name suggests, is not physical, you will not be confused with your main SIM card.

How To Use A Dual SIM With An eSIM On iPhone
How To Use A Dual SIM With An eSIM On iPhone

You can have more than one, but activate one at a time. In this tutorial, we will explain how to use a dual SIM with an eSIM card on your iPhone.

How To Use A Dual SIM With An eSIM On iPhone

The eSIM is a fairly new system that will only work with an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR from iOS 12.1. It will also be important to have the necessary steps with your operator and to have his application or QR code.

Step 1: Pay for your eSIM card

You will have to add the package to your iPhone, several choices are available to you: use the QR code, the application or enter the information by hand.

With the QR Code

1.1. Open Settings > Cellular Data > Add Cellular Plan ;

1.2. Scan the QR code that your operator has provided to you.

It is possible that code is requested from you, your operator must have provided it to you.

With the dedicated application

It depends on each operator. Using the App Store, you will need to start by downloading the operator application on your iPhone. Finally, you buy the package that suits you.

By entering the information by hand
This method is a little more tedious but sometimes inevitable.

When you go to Add a cellular plan and the possibility of scanning the QR code appears at the bottom of the screen, you can type Enter information manually.

Customize the names of your packages

From the moment your second package is activated, you can name them. There are default labels, but you can customize them.

You can find these appointments later in:

1.3. Settings> Cellular data ;

1.4. Select the number with the package you want to rename;

1.5. Type Label of cellular packages ;

1.6. Define a new name.

The interaction of the packages

The next screen will ask you to select your default line. You have a phone number for a fixed price. At this point, you decide how your phone behaves and what line to use when calling/texting.

This is a setting that you can change later.
Step 2: best manage your 2 numbers

iPhone memorizes your actions

When you call someone for the first time, the iPhone will use the default line you selected in the previous step. If you have already called a contact, it will use the same number as on your last call.

In contacts, you can assign one of your numbers to a person.

2.1. Open Contacts ;

2.2. Select the contact card;

2.3 Press Preferred Cell Package ;

2.4. Define the line to use.

Your calls

Although you have set a default line, your 2 numbers have the ability to receive and make calls.

These are 2 different lines, so you will not receive the signal of the double call if necessary, your interlocutor will be directly directed to the messaging. For the signal to work, you will need to activate call forwarding.

Change your number for a call or SMS / MMS.

You have specified a default line, but you can change it for a call.

From Favorites, type i to change the number.

On the keypad, you will see above the name of the current line. You just have to touch it to change it.

For sending SMS / MMS, you will also see the name of the line when entering the message, at the top. You can change it in the same way as for a call with the digital step.

iMessage and FaceTime

Unlike calls and SMS / MMS, only one phone line can use iMessage and FaceTime. The only way to change, or decide which number uses these services, is to go through the settings:

2.5. Open Settings > Messages > iMessage Line and FaceTime ;

2.6. Select the desired number.

Cellular data

Cellular data allows you to use the internet without Wi-Fi (3G, 4G, LTE …). Only a number can access it. If you are on a voice call on the voice call line, you will not be able to access your cellular data. To make this possible, you can enable the Failover of Cellular Data option :

2.7. Open Settings > Cellular Data > Cellular Data ;

2.8. Define the number that will use the cellular data;

2.9. Enable the Failover of cellular data option.

Erase your eSIM

You no longer need your eSIM? You can delete it:

2.9. Open Settings > Cellular Data ;

2.10. Select the package to be deleted

2.11. Type Remove cellular plan.

I hope that now you can Use A Dual SIM With An eSIM On iPhone. If you have any questions, comment us in the comment box.

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