How To Use WhatsApp On IPad?

WhatsApp is a particularly popular instant messaging application. Every day, it connects more than a billion people around the world. It allows you to send messages, share photos, videos and make audio and video calls … And all this via Wifi or your internet data.

How To Use WhatsApp on iPad?
How To Use WhatsApp on iPad?

Are you a fan of WhatsApps on your iPhone and want to use it on your iPad? There is no official WhatsApp app for iPad, but there is an alternative! Discover it below.

Use WhatsApp on iPad with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is not a native application, that is, it was not created for use on iPad. To work around this problem, you can go through the WhatsApp Web service that connects to your WhatsApp account installed on your iPhone.

It will transfer your messages, photos, videos on your iPad and give you the opportunity to send and receive.

To use WhatsApp on your iPad via WhatsApp Web, you will need to go through Safari:

1- Open Safari from your Apple tablet and go to WhatsApp Web. You will see that this does not refer you to the WhatsApp Web interface but to the WhatsApp home page.

2- Go to the URL bar, the Action button appears at the top right (a rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards). Two rows appear. Scroll through the second and select Desktop Version of the site.

The page should reload and display the WhatsApp Web interface with a QR code. It is a two-dimensional bar code whose application data, for example, are to be decoded with a smartphone.

3- With your iPhone, go to Settings → WhatsApp Web, then scan the QR code to pair it with your iPad.

4- The page reloads again and displays all the most recent messages, photos and videos sent to you.

There are two main disadvantages to this technique. The first is that you will not be able to send voice messages because Safari is not officially compatible with WhatsApp.

The second is that unlike a use on Mac or PC, notifications from web browsers are not compatible iOS. You will not receive notifications for your incoming messages.

Aside from this and some minor bugs, this service is rather easy to use and remains a good alternative.

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