How To Increase The Download Speed On Your PS4?

Increase The Download Speed On Your PS4: You can not stand the slow download on your PS4? Thanks to this tutorial, say goodbye to slowdowns and enjoy your console at full speed. The PS4 is the most sold game console of recent years, its power is very appreciated by all its players.

How To Increase The Download Speed On Your PS4?
How To Increase The Download Speed On Your PS4?

How To Increase The Download Speed On Your PS4?

Nevertheless, like many electronic devices, the PS4 is not without flaws and it is sometimes frustrating to use it. Its most common problem, and one that users most often face, is the slowness of downloads.

Today, not to be burdened with Blu-Ray discs, games are increasingly dematerialized and can be purchased directly online. Therefore, regardless of your Internet connection, it may take hours before you can start a game.

In this article, we explain how to boost the speed of your downloads simply and for free.

Why are PS4 downloads so slow?

Regardless of your connection speed, your downloads on the PS4 are much slower than those made on Xbox One or PC, for Windows games it can take a little more than 20 minutes while on the Sony console, it counts in hours.

On the internet, you will find many tips for not being a victim of this too quiet flow, such as:

  • Set your DNS on Google’s DNS servers
  • Use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • Put your console into sleep mode when downloading
  • Make sure no one else downloads too much file on your home network
  • Avoid playing online games while downloading

This slowness on the PS4 is due to the way it is designed to accommodate data from PSN (PlayStation Network).

Fortunately, there is a way to accelerate its speed, and for that you only need a PC, a proxy server software and your console.

Speed ​​up PS4 downloads with a proxy server

The key to success in increasing this rate is to configure a proxy server on your PC, from which your console will download data from the PSN (PlayStation Network) . To do this, follow these 9 steps:

Download and install the CCProxy software for free on your PC.

  • Open it (it starts automatically when opened).
  • Click Options , note your IP address that is automatically detected, you will need it for the rest of the procedure, as well as the HTTP / RTSP port.
  • Then, click Accept .

Then, on your PS4, go to Settings (the icon of the case) → Network → Configure the Internet connection and select your connection type (Ethernet or Wi-Fi – just make sure it is on the same network as your PC).

  • Select Automatic for your IP address and then Do not specify for the host name.
  • Choose Automatic for DNS and MTU settings again, and then Change Manually for Proxy.
  • Then enter the IP address and port number found previously.
  • Finally, save your connection settings.

Your PS4 should now download PSN games and updates much faster than before.
However, note that now the internet connection of your PS4 will only work from the proxy of your PC.

If you wish, you can use the latter only on certain occasions (important update …) and return to the automatic parameters for the general gameplay.

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