IPhone & Cookies: How To Delete The + 7 Other Useful Facts

We are tracked and tracked more and more online, and this is typically done using cookies. But how does it work and what can be done to turn off cookies on its mobile?

iPhone & Cookies: How to delete the + 7 other useful facts

In this article we look at what you can do to delete and disable cookies and tracking on your mobile. We also answer a number of other questions about using cookies on iPhones.
What are cookies on iphone and how do they work?
Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website.

Cookies have different purposes such as remembering which codes you have entered, which step you have reached in a shopping cart and marketing related purposes.

The sidebar is typically the reason why people often choose to “empty their cookies”. It just means removing or deleting cookies so that a website no longer recognizes your iPhone when you visit it.

It can also help you remove advertisements that appear over and over again because you have visited a particular website or webshop.

Cookies take up almost nothing and are typically completely harmless to your computer.

How to turn cookies on and off on the iphone?

As such, you can’t turn them on and off centrally in your settings. You must do it individually for each browser you have installed on your iPhone.

We’ll give you a precise step-by-step guide below.

How to delete cookies on the 3 most used iphone browsers
Cookies are saved through your browser when you browse websites on your mobile as well as on your laptop.

It is therefore also in your browser’s settings that you delete your cookies.
Here we look at how to disable and delete cookies on the three different browsers that you typically use on his iPhone.

1) How to delete cookies in SAFARI for iPhone
In Safari, do not open the app to delete your cookies. You need to go into your iPhone’s settings as the Safari app is built closely with the iPhone operating system.

Note that with Safari you clear your cookies along with all your browsing history. Ie that you also let your phone “forget” which websites you have visited.

2) How to delete cookies in CHROME for iPhone
First, open the Chrome app and then click on the three small dots at the bottom right.

Here you click on “Privacy” and click on “Clear browsing data” (at the bottom)
Here you can choose to delete only your cookies or to clear your entire browser history. Ie which websites you have visited.

You just select what you want to delete with the check mark and click on “Clear Browser Data” at the bottom.
Then your cookies have been deleted.

3) How to delete cookies in FIREFOX for iPhone
The third and last browser that people typically use on their iPhone is the Firefox browser.

If you have it installed, open the app itself to delete your cookies.
You do this here:

Open the Firefox browser
Click on the three inverted lines in the lower right corner and select “settings”.
How do I disable cookies on iphones 3 browsers?
You can’t help but put cookies on your iPhone unless you browse in “private mode”, also called “Incognito”. When this mode is enabled with your browser, your browser will not through cookies on your mobile.

1) How to avoid cookies with Safari browser on iPhone
When you open a new tab / window in Safari, just make sure you open a “private window”. You do this by clicking in the lower left corner where it says “Private”. Then Safari switches to “Private mode” and you get a message on the screen that your mobile does not remember the pages you visit and that everything is forgotten as soon as you close the tab again.
Click the plus symbol and you are running a private browser window.

2) How to avoid cookies with the Chrome browser on iPhone
Surfing without the use of cookies is quite easy with Chrome.

You click on the small square at the bottom of the screen, indicating how many tabs you have open. Here it lets you open a new tab, and in the top you can choose “incognito mode” by clicking on the little icon at the top, which looks like a hat with glasses.
Then click on the plus symbol at the bottom, and then you have opened a private window that does not store cookies on your iPhone.

3) How to avoid cookies with the Firefox browser on iPhone
You can choose to surf private mode this way:

Open the app and click on the three horizontal bars in the lower right corner.
Click on the small square at the bottom with a number inside that indicates how many tabs you have open.
Then you can choose whether you want to open a new tab, and you can do that in private mode by clicking on the black zorro-like glasses on the left side.
Then click on the plus symbol to open the private browser window.
You can also turn on the “Private Browsing” feature to always save fewer data with your Firefox browser.

You do this here:

Open the app and click on the three horizontal bars in the bottom right corner
Click “Tracking Protection” and choose to turn on the top two buttons.
You can also set “Blocking lists” to “Strict”, and even fewer data is stored on your mobile.
What does “Private Browsing” mean on iPhone?
When you have chosen “Private Browsing” or incognito mode (two expressions of the same case), the mobile phone does not save your browser history or cookies on your device.

However, this does not mean that no one can see what you are doing. However, your data is still being logged by your ISP.

Note that this information is still stored by your ISP (unless you use a VPN with your mobile phone ).

Therefore, you are not completely protected unless you use a VPN that directs your traffic around a number of servers that blur where you come from (your IP) and which pages you visit.

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