Mobile Applications That Increase Productivity

One of the most important problems we face while using technology is not being able to use time efficiently. Most of the time we want to focus on something we need to do, we find ourselves immersed in social media, surfing the Internet or games and lost our main focus.

Mobile Applications That Increase Productivity

Mobile Applications That Increase Productivity

Productivity and time management are separate concepts, but they are as close to each other. This week I propose applications for you that will help your productivity.


Evernote can help you focus on what you care about, archive the information you need on a regular basis, and then easily find it when needed.

With Evernote, you can take notes from your smartphone, tablet computer and mobile phone using the keyboard, scan your handwritten notes, business cards, and convert them to text.

Microsoft Office Lens

In my previous article, I suggested CamScanner to scan documents. A similar application was developed by the Microsoft company Office Lens.

This application, which allows you to use your mobile phone as a scanner, scans your documents and pictures and converts them into text.

Forest: Stay focused

I mentioned the use of time efficiently in the introduction of my article. Forest: Stay focused is a mobile app that serves just that.

If you complain about looking at your phone frequently, wasting time with things like social media, games, and not being able to focus on your actual work, Forest: Stay focused will come to you like medicine.


IFTTT is another application that will contribute to your productivity. Thanks to this application that allows you to manage your favorite services from a single point, you create automated transactions and avoid wasting time for each service separately.

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