Netflix : Prices, Subscriptions And Benefits

Do not know which Netflix subscription to choose? Discover all the rates and advantages offered by the American video streaming platform

Netflix : Prices, Subscriptions And Benefits

Netflix : Prices, Subscriptions And Benefits

You have decided to subscribe to Netflix, to take advantage of its large catalog of films and series, but you do not know which subscription to take? To see more clearly, read our detailed guide on packages.

What are the different Netflix subscriptions?

To access its platform, Netflix offers three types of monthly subscriptions. They have different rates and benefits.

Also, for each of them you are entitled to one month of free trial, as soon as you register. At the end of these 30 days, the amount of the subscription will be automatically charged.

The first package, Essential costs € 7.99 / month . With this offer for less than 10 €, you can watch Netflix on 1 screen . However, video content can not be in high definition (HD) or Ultra HD.

The second, called Standard , is at 11.99 € / month . Unlike the first, it allows you to use up to 2 screens simultaneously. This is very handy if you want your series favorite and another family member wishes, he see a movie. By choosing this package, only HD quality is available.

The third is the Premium subscription , with which you agree to pay € 15.99 / month . At that price, you’ll be able to see Netflix series and movies on 4 screens simultaneously and with HD and Ultra HD video quality .

The streaming service wants to gauge the enthusiasm of users, find out how much they are willing to pay to subscribe. Do not panic, these prices are only in test phase, so you should be charged the prices detailed above.

It seems that Netflix is ​​preparing a new package that would only be available on smartphones, for only € 5 .

Is it possible to change Netflix subscription?

If you want to change the package along the way, to enjoy more benefits or to pay less, know that the procedure is very simple.

Go to your Account, and in the Package Details section , click Change Package , right.

Choose your new package, and then click Continue . This change takes effect at the end of the month.

To change your subscription from iTunes on your computer or iPhone / iPad, visit this Netflix help page .

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